Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Drug Abuse

According to the most used drug is either marijuana or non-medical drugs. In my opinion the reason why marijuana is the most used drug is because it´s the easiest to get. There could be kids in your grade, or even your friends that sell that drug and you didn´t even know it. In sports the drug that is heard the most would probably be steroids. Steroids are used to build up muscle, and when athletes use this drug, it´s not good for them because they are artificially building your muscles which isn´t good. Some people when they think of steroids they think that they are good for you because it increases your muscle mass, but that is not what they do at all, they are not good for you whatsoever. The top three of the most dangerous drugs would be crystal meth, heroin, or cocaine. In my opinion crystal meth is the most dangerous because when doing meth you hallucinate. There was a story my health teacher Mr.Epple told my class, it was a very strong story. It was about a teenager that bought some marijuana was laced with meth and he did not know at the time. After he had smoked it, he was hallucinating. When he got home he ¨saw¨ a vine growing around his mother´s neck. Oh by the way, this teen and his mother had a great relationship. So when he was seeing those vines his first reaction was to try and help his mother. He tried to rip the vines of his mother´s neck, but there were no vines around her neck. So in the end he ended up killing his mother. That´s why I think that Meth is the most dangerous drug in the country. If people are addicted to drugs the reason why they should get help is only because everyone deserves to live a normal life and live they life they wanted before they started doing drugs. If your life is bad enough to do drugs then therapy is what is needed. Most people use the excuse saying that they do not have enough money for therapy, but it makes no sense because you have enough money for drugs that are not needed. Addicts use the excuse of saying that they have no money for anything anymore and that is why most addicts are homeless, but think about it, if you save up all of your money and stop buying drugs, you would not need to be homeless. If a loved one came to me saying that they were addicts, I would first be mad but then would get over it. After that were to happen, the next step would be to get them help even if it was not wanted. That loved one would have no choice other than to get that help. When I was one my grandfather was an alcoholic, it ended up getting really bad, my mom told him one day that if he did not get help he would never see me again. They did not talk for two days until he called her saying he would like her to drive him to rehab. I think of that every time I do a drug related project because it reminds me that you do have a choice if you are an addict, you do have a choice to get help, nothing is stopping you.

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