Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Family to me means everything. I was born and raised in Gloucester Mass. I have lived here ever since I was born. I have four siblings, there are five of us all together. My older siblings Max, and Maya. My little brothers Camron and Bryce. Family is the best thing in my life, family comes first. They care for me love me, even when I make mistakes. My mom especially. My mom and Dad haven't been together since I was about five years old. Since then my mom has re-married and he's the best step-dad that I've ever known. He has done so much for me. My dad is still around, and I love him dearly. My parents do everything they can in order to give me what is wanted and what is needed.

my sister.jpgFriends are also considered family to me. One of the friends that has been with me through thick and thin is my best friend Gabi. She knows more about me than anyone else. Another great friend to me is Michael Cassettari. We’ve known each other since 6th grade and he’s also really important to me. My friends are considered family, they mean as much to me the same amount that my real family does.

This is my sister-------------
this was in 2013
Image result for father and mother i love you      My My family makes me and what i'm am. They are the best people I have ever met and will ever meet. They help me with the worse of times and make my best times. They do more then just what I call everyday things, like food. they also get me extra things, they give me rides every where and, give me a phone. They've taught me everything I've learned everything. I'm very happy to have my to great parents and my brother. We share the best moments together and I hope to make more.


I have one of the greatest families in the world. I have a total of 3 brother and 1 sister,I also have some of the greatest friends in the world. My best friend is named Kyriah Smithson. I have more friends that are close to being my best friends which are Kennedy Rounds,Andrew Gabriele,Kever Martinez,Lily Marshall,Patrick Hunt and Ella Marshall. I have the most amazing girlfriend in the world which is Gabi Argentino. I have my families back and my family has my back. I have th best Mom and Dad.

Family - Logan Roberts

What family means to me is the eternal pact that will always be with you, dead or alive. They can never leave you, no matter if they want to, or not. As for my family, I have always loved them for my entire life... (my brother doesn't believe me though) My dad has always really enjoyed a lot of the video games I play, and he still plays games. My mom likes cooking like me, and I have her blue/green eyes that really is me. My brother also likes video games, and likes most of the TV shows that I like. I am one of the only people that I know that is the oldest sibling. I enjoy playing video games, and watching TV, and when I'm not doing that, I might be playing with one of my pet (most likely my dog, though I would like to play with my bird, or my really mean cat... that is never even home) Sometimes people believe that I have no soul... and they would be correct, but somehow I manage to still feel emotion towards my family. Family... family also means friends, friends such as Sam, Seth, and Ryan. All of which I have been friends with for a few years (I've known Ryan since kindergarten) That's basically the story of my family, though there is still a lot more to there personality... obviously.


My family means the world to me. Its what comforts me when am sad. they will help me with all of my problems. wake me up in the morning,drive me to all of my practices. family is so meaningful to me I would have no idea what I would do without them. they all love me and always want to be with me. my mom feeds me and keeps me and jumps through hoops to get me places and to make me happy. No one could ever replace my family. We may fight sometimes but no matter what I know they love me to death. In conclusion my family means the world to me and I would never replace them for any one.

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I probably love my family more than anything else in this world. I know that sometimes we disagree and we fight but in the end we forgive each other and go right back to loving each other. Family is important to me because you can always rely on them. You can always get advice from them if you need it and can always fall back on them if something falls through.  Family means that no matter what you're in it together. It means that no matter how many times you may argue with your parents, sisters, or brothers, deep down you still have that unconditional love for them. It means that you never let them stand alone, they come first. Family means love and someone that will always be there for you through the good times and the bad. 


I have one sibling and a mom and a dad. The importance of family is that if you have trouble your family will support you if you are sad. I love my family because you can lose them quick and you never know when they die. The best part about family is that they take care of you when you are sick. When they are sick they still take care of us.

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my dog

I have a dog named Layla she is 11 years old. I take her for a walk every day and let her play with the other dogs at the beach.She wakes me up during the night sometimes when we got her when i was about 2 years old and i have had her for a along time. I feed her wet dog food and slump. I really like my dog but she is getting old she can still run when she wants to and she takes along time to fall asleep she usually she sleeps with my mom but sometimes she sleeps with me and falls asleep quickly.


Family has many feelings to people. it may be love or it may be hate, but family will always be there.In many books and shows when family dies or goes away we miss them and show our emotions. Your family may be only you and your parents or they may be in other countries around the world. If you think about it everyone in the world is related to everyone, because everyone is the same. Even if your guy or in a different realign. we are all the same and we need to take care of everyone we meet.
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Tuesday, November 15, 2016


My family means the world to me. I love them more than anything else in the world. They care for me, they help me and so much more. Family in general is very important to everyone. This is because we can't lose them. We will always have them no matter what happens. Whether this is just in our hearts or in person, we will always have these people in our lives. Furthermore, family is an aspect of everyone's lives that we all need to cherish. They are all people that we need to cherish because we only have a certain amount of time with them until they are gone forever.

My family, which consists of my mom, dad, and my two sisters love and care for me every day of my life. Because of this, I will always do the same for them. We all support each other through every moment in life. We also get each other through tough times which is something we all need in times of despair. Outside of my parents and sisters, we have a huge extended family. Both of my parents come from big families so, in the rare occasions that we all can get together, we always have a very good time catching up on each other's lives. Overall, family is one of the most important things in life and we should all cherish it.


Family plays a big part in my life. I live with my mom my dad and my sister. My family is very supportive and in my opinion good role models. They teach me right from wrong, and how to succeed in life.  My mom is a very easy person to talk to if I need to do something like rant like I would do to a friend or If I needed to just talk because I just feel like talking. My dad is very good at helping me with life decisions, knows what good to do and whats not so good. My family is also very supportive when it comes to wanting to do something like sin up for a sport or plan something special they are always willing to help. Another family member that I consider is a big part in my life is my sister. At first she and I didn't get along at all but now we joke around all the time. She is good to talk to if something is going on in school, or if I want to just kid around. Not to mention the fact that she is helpful for example she stayed up until 10:30 to help me with my Homework! So ya  I consider family a big part in my life, and family to me means, always helping out when needed and not always thinking f yourself.

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     I think family is the most important thing in our life. For me my family is something very important in my life because they are people you know that will never fail you. Family is very important because they are always with you when you need them and they can also give you pieces of advice if u have a problem. And the best part is that family can be friends and however supports you. Family means that no matter what you're in it together. It means that no matter how many times you may argue with your parents, sisters, or brothers, deep down you still have that unconditional love for them. It means that you never let them stand alone, they come first. Family means love and someone that will always be there for you through the good times and the bad. It is about encouragement, understanding, hope, comfort, advice, values, and faith. This is what I think about when I or someone says family and that is why family is important to me.
   I am being raised in Gloucester MA with my mom, dad, and my older sister. My mom and dad are doing a great job raising my sister and I. My sister and I never really played or hung out together because we like different things; I like sports and cooking and she likes theater and singing so it is a pretty big difference. But we also have a lot in common to, like good grades, respect, honesty, and we always stick by each other. The people that I also consider family is Vivian Marchant, Sophie Mills, Violet Marchant, Jenna Hoofnagle, Madison Strauss, Natasha Baumgaertel, Jenna Miller, Olivia Lojacono, Rebecca Williams, Isabella Hodges, Madison Kolterjahn, Zaila Dork, Alexah Lane, Katie Ryan, Tyler Rodolosi, and many more. 

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Family is important to me just like it is to everyone else. They are always there for me when I need them. With my family,  I feel safe and trusted. If anything happened to them I don't know what I would do. My immediate family is my mom and dad. Also, I guess that I could call my dog and my two cats immediate family, too. My parents have supported all of my decisions in life so far, and I really love them. I have a brother too but I don't really consider him as my immediate family. I don't really know him that much because he was fifteen when I was born, and I don't really remember him as a child. I still know him today because he visits for all the holidays and other events,  but we don't really have a good connection like all other brothers. We don't have the same father, so we are half Brothers
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      To me family could really be anyone. Family doesn't need to be blood like some people think. Family comes in different varieties, all different shapes, colors, and personalities. Family is family. Pets are family. Friends are family. To me family is the people who encourage you to do your best and help you up when you are down. Family should have your back no matter the situation good or bad. Just like in the Disney movie "Lilo and Stitch", Lilo is all alone and doesn't have any friends, but one day Stitch shows up and over time Lilo and Stitch become what I would consider family. Like Lilo and Stitch say "Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten." Image result for lilo and stitch ohana meaning

Importance of family

         Families are always important. They stick with us, they help us, and they do everything to support us. Hopefully. My family is amazing, they help me through anything, teach me, support me, and push me to my limits. There is nothing more important to me than my family. Without them I'd be nothing.
                                 My family
           I am being raised in the stupendous Gloucester MA with my mum, step-dad, and dad. I have 4 siblings, Taylor (oldest), Aleena, Caliana (youngest), and my step brother Phoenix. I love them with all my heart and nothing could change that. My sister Aleena and I play soccer and sometimes practice with each other if we aren't arguing. My sister Caliana and I like to sing so we do that together often.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Drug Abuse

I think marijuana is the most used drug in the U.S today. Marijuana marijuana is referred as "the Gateway Drug". one of the reasons I think that it is the most popular is people use that drug first usually to see if they like drugs. Then the person who took in the drug later might want to move to something different like Meth,Weed,Cocaine and many other drugs they may want to experience.
            The most used drug in sports in my opinion is Steroids. One reason is that in sports, it is one of most athletes goals is to become stronger,faster,more agile,and quick on their feet. Some athletes might not be able to put in the time to work on their game, so they rely on steroids to make them better.
         marijuana is the most dangerous drug in my opinion. It affects all of the organs in your body. Also you immune system. Smoking pot can increase your heart rate by 2 times for up to 3 hours. People who take it may notice some changes in your body right after you smoke. It wears off in about 3-4 hours.
             People who are addicted to drugs should get help in many ways. First off  you should talk to you parents or a close friend. Or you could go talk to a doctor and get a interventionist to help get you off a drug. IT WILL TAKE TIME! So don't just expect you aren't addicted in a week.
       If one of my loved ones came up to me and said im addicted to a drug I would try to help them.  I would recommend them to see a interventionist to make sure they get drug free and live a happy life.

Drug Abuse - Natasha

I think that alcohol is the most abused drug for it is very easy to posses compared to other drugs like cocaine ect. In the sports world I believe that it is either steroids or alcohol. Steroids because it increases your physical capabilities. I also believe that alcohol is the most dangerous drug because it can inspire violent behavior and often results in car crashes. I think that there should be free rehab for drug abusers and that you shouldn't be punished for drug use but helped with the addiction. If my sister came to me and said she was addicted to a drug, I would help her wheedle her way off of it and if that didn't work I would send her to rehab.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Importance of Family

This will be our final blog post for the fall 2016 class session.  Everyone has a version of one.  Families can be the best or worst thing that has happened to us.  We hope they are supportive, respectful, loving, kind, accepting and overall positive influences on us and our upbringings.  This entry is dedicated to our units we call families.  The students will simply talk about their families and what the family means to them.  This seems like a very appropriate blog, considering Thanksgiving will be here in a few weeks.  We hope you enjoy our family blog entries.
A5 students, please write about your families.  Write about why they are important to you, and why.  Please include pictures or anything else you want to include.  This is an open topic about our families.  Enjoy

Mr. Epple's Family
I was raised in Phillipsburg, New Jersey by my parents Bill and Ruth Epple.  I have two younger brothers, Jon and Ryan Epple.  We spent every weekend at my grandparents in Pennsylvania, helping take care of their farm (cutting grass, fixing broken things, keeping the fields clean, etc.)  I hated doing it as a kid, but as I got older I ended up loving going over there and spending time on the farm.  

My brother's and I always played together, especially outdoor football.   We also played Transformers and GI Joe together.  My family celebrated Thanksgiving at my grandparents farm and it was always a big deal.  We had the annual Epple Thanksgiving Football game (which everyone played in) and had over 40 family members come to Thanksgiving (that tradition still exists to this day).  Birthdays were always fun, but what we love the most was Christmas.  It was always a challenge to see the "Santa" presents without getting caught.  My brother's and I would try and get in the living room (where the presents were) and my father would try and catch us.  As the years went on my father's strategies became more intense, as did our attempts to get in.  The best year, was when my father built a box wall that covered the entire entry way into the living room.  He wrote "The Wall" on the boxes, after his favorite band, "Pink Floyd."  When we attempted to get in, bells rang (that were attached to the wall and my father was on the other side of the wall.  The bells woke him up and he proceeded to shoot us with at water gun, through small holes in "The Wall."  

My family taught me to work hard, study, be kind, be honest and be respectful.  They taught us that everyone is a person and everyone matters.  I have taken my upbringing into my current life, as a teacher.  I believe in the same philosophy about life.  I am very passionate about teaching my classes the important things in life about being a respectful, caring, conscientious, and active human being.  We read the novel, "Tuesday with Morrie," for that reason.

I try and bring my upbringing into my life with my family.  I am raising three little girls: Ruthie, Rita and Peyton to be kind, caring and most of all respectful/ loving of themselves.  I want their choices to be ones that ensure their futures will have every option available to them.

My wife is also an inspiration to me.  She is an independent artist who is creating works of art to inspire, but more so to make people aware of very important social issues.  She was an art teacher, that has since retired from teaching to follow her true passion: creating meaningful art.  She works hard and I know her passion for her art is important for her and our society.  I believe in her.

In closing, I could continue, but that is not the point of this blog.  I wanted to give you all a little glimpse into my family's world.  A little about my background and a little about today.  Thank you for reading.  Wishing you all the best and safe journeys.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Drug Abue

More and more people get addicted to drugs every year or so. The most violent drug out there to me is heroin. More and more people take it each day. A lot of people have gotten messed up by that and what I mean is people get caught, they go to the hospital and they spend a lot of time in jail. You can heat it up and put it in by a needle and eject it into your body. Also you can either snort it or you can smoke it. People do heroin because they are depressed or they are really mad.  Image result for drug stats

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

      In my opinion getting involved or addicted to drugs is the worst thing someone could do. Not only are you hurting yourself, you´re hurting others around you. Drugs can hurt you and others around you physically, emotionally, and financially. There are many long term and short term effects due to drugs including death.           Drugs can hurt you and others in many ways. Drugs can hurt all different types of relationships which can lead to metal illnesses such as depression and extreme anxiety. Drugs can also leave you with physical problems such as cold sweats, itching, comas, memory loss, weight loss, and much more including death. Drugs can leave you in really bad financial situations. Instead of paying bills and doing what you are supposed to be doing you are wasting money on drugs and wasting time on drugs. If you have a family and are doing drugs you can hurt them emotionally, financially, and possibly physically if the drugs make you aggressive.
     Doing drugs is the worst thing someone could do to themselves and the people around them.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Drug Abuse

 The drug that I think is the most widely abused drug in this country is alcohol and tobacco. over half (52.5%) of U.S. population identified as drinkers, alcohol is the #1 abused substance in America. An estimated 135.5 million people drink alcohol, but of those people, 86 million are considered to be abusers, which include heavy drinking, binge drinking and underage drinking. Alcohol is every easy to get and not a lot of money. I also think that tobacco is one of the widely abused drug in this country because if you walk around town or anywhere you see cigarettes. In 2012, an estimated 69.5 million Americans over age 12 were current users of a tobacco product. Across age groups, current cigarette use was highest among people aged 21 to 25.
 In sports, High school athletes use Anabolism steroids and the percents are 0.7 percent to 6.6 percent. College athletes usually use Alcohol, Anabolism steroids, Marijuana, Stimulants, and Smokeless tobacco. Professional football players usually use Anabolism steroids, Opiates, and Smokeless tobacco. Professional baseball players usually use Smokeless tobacco. And Competitive power lifters use Anabolism steroids.
  I think Meth is one of the worst drugs in the country because there are a lots of short term affects and long term affects. The short term affects are, loss of appetite, Increased heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, Dilation of pupils, Disturbed sleep patterns, Nausea, Bizarre, erratic, sometimes violent behavior, Hallucinations, hyper excitability, irritability, Panic and psychosis, Convulsions, seizures and death from high doses. 
    People that are addicted to drugs or alcohol should go to rehabs like AA Rehab. AA is Alcohol Anonymous rehab. Steps of the addiction process 
  1. Intake.
  2. Detoxification (detox).
  3. Rehabilitation (rehab).
  4. Ongoing Recovery.
This is a helpful URL for the people that need help. 
    If my loved one came up to me and said that they are addicted to drugs I would be scared that something would happen to them. I would ask them first if they wanted help because a lot of people don't want help. If they do want help I would get a rehab center to help him or her out. But if they said no to having help I would probably keep on trying to help anyway. I would be by there side and be the one to talk to just to get through it.    
Image result for drug abuse statistics      Image result for drug abuse statistics

Image result for drug abuse statistics

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Drug Abuse

According to the most used drug is either marijuana or non-medical drugs. In my opinion the reason why marijuana is the most used drug is because it´s the easiest to get. There could be kids in your grade, or even your friends that sell that drug and you didn´t even know it. In sports the drug that is heard the most would probably be steroids. Steroids are used to build up muscle, and when athletes use this drug, it´s not good for them because they are artificially building your muscles which isn´t good. Some people when they think of steroids they think that they are good for you because it increases your muscle mass, but that is not what they do at all, they are not good for you whatsoever. The top three of the most dangerous drugs would be crystal meth, heroin, or cocaine. In my opinion crystal meth is the most dangerous because when doing meth you hallucinate. There was a story my health teacher Mr.Epple told my class, it was a very strong story. It was about a teenager that bought some marijuana was laced with meth and he did not know at the time. After he had smoked it, he was hallucinating. When he got home he ¨saw¨ a vine growing around his mother´s neck. Oh by the way, this teen and his mother had a great relationship. So when he was seeing those vines his first reaction was to try and help his mother. He tried to rip the vines of his mother´s neck, but there were no vines around her neck. So in the end he ended up killing his mother. That´s why I think that Meth is the most dangerous drug in the country. If people are addicted to drugs the reason why they should get help is only because everyone deserves to live a normal life and live they life they wanted before they started doing drugs. If your life is bad enough to do drugs then therapy is what is needed. Most people use the excuse saying that they do not have enough money for therapy, but it makes no sense because you have enough money for drugs that are not needed. Addicts use the excuse of saying that they have no money for anything anymore and that is why most addicts are homeless, but think about it, if you save up all of your money and stop buying drugs, you would not need to be homeless. If a loved one came to me saying that they were addicts, I would first be mad but then would get over it. After that were to happen, the next step would be to get them help even if it was not wanted. That loved one would have no choice other than to get that help. When I was one my grandfather was an alcoholic, it ended up getting really bad, my mom told him one day that if he did not get help he would never see me again. They did not talk for two days until he called her saying he would like her to drive him to rehab. I think of that every time I do a drug related project because it reminds me that you do have a choice if you are an addict, you do have a choice to get help, nothing is stopping you.

Drug Abuse- Cameron Muniz

The most widely abused drug in the United States is marijuana. This is because it is not taken seriously. It is a gateway drug. Lots of people think that it is ok if you just try it once but, it just takes that one time to get addicted to drugs. 62% of people who first tried marijuana when they were 15-26 years old went tried cocaine at come point in their lives. Over 94 million United States citizen admitted use of marijuana. Also, Marijuana is widely seen as not a big deal in the media. Lots of celebrities use this drug and it makes others think that if they do it, I can do it too. It is a very dangerous drug that is used widely throughout the United States.

In sports, the most commonly used drug in sports are pain killers. For the most part, this drug is used mostly used in football. This is because there is lots of painful hits in football at any position. Having a 250+ lbs linebacker tackle you when running at full speed must hurt a lot. As a matter of fact, lots of NFL players like Marchawn Lynch and Arian Foster have both retired before they were thirty. Also, former NFL wide receiver Calvin Johnson says "The team doctors and trainers were handing them out like candy, you know?"

In this country, the most dangerous drug is tobacco. This is because it takes many live per year. The leading cause of death in America is heart disease. Tobacco is most commonly smoked in cigarettes that cause lung and heart disease. Also, tobacco can be known as a gateway drug. Someone who smokes cigarettes may think that smoking marijuana is harmless too. Then they move on to smoking more and more harmful drugs like cocaine an heroin.

If someone I was close to told me that they were a drug addict. I would immediately seek help for them. I would go to the police office and tell them about my loved one's drug problem. Then, they would tell me what to do from there. Also at the police office, they have the Angel program. This program immediately seeks help for them and takes away all of their drugs but, they do not get in trouble. It saves lives.

In order to support this loved one, I would support them in their decision to tell me. Also, I would assist them by being someone that they can talk to. It is very hard to recover from an addiction, everyone who does need support from a loved one. Furthermore, to support this person, I would not treat them any differently than before I knew that they are an addict. This would help remind them that everything is okay.

Drugs - BradyLattanzi

      Drugs are bad as we all know, but some are worse than others for example in the US some might be used more than some in China. The most used drug in the US is tobacco or nicotine.. over 40 million people use tobacco. Than if you want to scale it down to community or organization like sports for example. In sports you can use them for different reasons like to get better, stress relief, or just because there addicted. The thing is some states don't ban some drugs but, in sports you can get fined, banned, or not be able to play a again. So if your smart you'll stop but some still take them, I personally think that the biggest thing is steroids they're ruining the game. They're also ruining them selves... it kills you.
        ( resonings for what is the most dangerous drug. Krokodil is the most dangerous drug and most people pick this drug over heroin because it costs less. which will attract more people, also very easy to retrieve. It is made up of mostly home found ingredients so cooking videos will know include those.
       People should go to centers to help them stop,.. ask a family member or someone you trust help and they can look for places or if they have had gone through it they might know.
      You should be kind and nice about the whole situation and go through the process slowly. This is how people can help, what is the most dangerous, and what is most found in sports.

Drug abuse

Drugs are always a sensitive topic to people. They destroy people lives, the people that love them may stop caring, and they can get in very deep trouble for doing it. Drugs are commonly used in the U.S. I feel that the most common drug used in the U.S is cannabis (marijuana). I feel that this is most commonly used for many reasons. One is because it is starting to become legal in some states. If marijuana becomes legal, many people will want to use it, and they will be allowed to do so. Another reason is because it is very easy to get. Since cannabis is a leaf, you can grow it. That means you will have more, and more, and more of it. It is plentiful. Another reason is because it doesn't harm you as much as other drugs do. Cannabis is way less effective than black tar heroin. In sports, the most common drug is anabolic steroids. Steroids get your adrenaline running and make your muscles bigger. While playing a sport you want to get pumped up and ready for your game. With steroids, they give you energy and make you do things quicker. The most dangerous drug in the U.S is Crystal methamphetamine. This drug is INSANE and does crazy things to your body. It melts your teeth, skin, etc. Your kidneys will have permanent failure, breathing problems, depression... After crystal methamphetamine people look MELTED, miserable, and kind of scary. If people are addicted to drugs and WANT help, or even if they don't, they should see treatment centers or places that help get rid of your addiction. People that take drugs no matter how insane will someday regret it. They are ruining their body, their youth, their life. If a loved one came to me and asked for help I would thank them for telling me, because some people don't. After that, I would look into seeing the nearby treatment centers and scheduling an appointment. I would also look into getting that person into therapy, to help with their mental issues or other things they aren't comfortable telling me yet. I know the addiction won't stop right away, but you always have to try and hope or pray that it works. I would always support them and give them the love and care they need. Where I draw the line is if they use after three tries of me trying to help them. After that I would not know what to do. But I hope that situation never hits me. Below are pictures of people after methamphetamine, cannabis, and people on steroids.
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