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Who is my inspiration? Pt.2

  One of my inspirations is Anne Burrell, she inspired me to want to become a chef by watch all of her cooking shows as a kid. She is also one of the bests chefs in the world.  Anne Burrell has worked at some of the top restaurants in New York, studied the culinary landscape and traditions of Italy. Anne Burrell made a cookbook in 2011 to help people at home to cook. Her cookbook earned a place on the New York Times Best Seller list. Anne Burrell is a happy, up beat person, hardworking, and a leader all the time in the kitchen or outside the kitchen.
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Who is you Inspiration

My inspiration is Steve Jobs, he was a great inventor who invented something millions if not billions of people use. Not only that he was a humble man in my opinion. He was rich but he wasn't one of those people who brag about it or buy things that were pointless. He also worked hard to achieve his success in life, which proves you can really doing anything with hard work. For example the Iphone is a huge product that everyone has and its one of the biggest companies around. All it takes is hard work. Plus he has a lot of inspirational quotes to others.Image result for Steve Jobs quotes

My Inspiration Part 2

My inspiration is my mom. My mo had me unexpectedly at 18, and managed to give me everything I have ever wanted or needed. When she was 22 she had her second child, also unexpectedly. My mom had been previously engaged to my dad until they ended up not working out. She was a single mother for most of the time, and she has always worked 3 jobs to make sure we had everything needed. She met my step dad, and they had a child together, and they got married. She has always put her children first, and she shows me what life is really about. She is a hardworking mother that does the best she can. She works her hardest when it comes to photography.

i love her with all my heart.
                                                             Who is your inspiration part 2

                      This assignment is the second assignment to the one that we made over a year ago when we first started blogging. My inspiration is my father. He works every day and picks me up from dodge ball every Wednesday. Also, he brings me to all of my sports activities. Furthermore, he always picks me up when I am down. My celebrity inspiration is Isiah Thomas. He has been putting up an average of about 30 points a game, and he recently lost his sister. Even though she died a couple days before, he still play his game and put up a decent amount of points.
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My Inspiration P. 2

My inspiration is my Grandfather. Most of the things I do in this life are either because of him or for him. When he was younger he was diagnosed with a rare nerve disease where he can no longer move his legs. He then developed heart problems and has had countless heart attacks. Hes danced with death way too many times but his strength is unreal how hes still going today. I want to do the things he can't and have his strength.  Image result for inspirational quotes about strength

Who is my inspiration? part 2!

I actually have a person I look up to, if you look at my old post, you'll see that my inspiration was myself, but that was mostly because I didn't know who to do, but now I have someone now... His name is Izuku Midoriya, and sure he doesn't exist and he's an anime character, but his story is one to be inspired by. He lives in a world where superpowers are common, but he doesn't have any. Everyone would make fun of him for going to superhero school, and he even got accepted into the most prestigious superhero training schools, in the best class. His entire life he wanted to be like his favorite hero, All Might, the strongest superhero of his time, and he saves people with a smile on his face. *Spoilers* He then one day learned that All Might has a power that can be transferred, and he had to train extremely hard to gain it. Long story short, he gained the power, and he's trying everyday to become amazing with his power, so he too can save people with a smile. He is one of the few people I inspire, and I hope that someday I can push through to make an impossible dream come true in my life...

My Inspiration Part 2

                                                                   My Inspiration Part 2
                My inspiration has always been my mom, she's been there for me my whole life and supported me every step of the way. Through my ups and downs she's the only one who's been there every single time. She listens to me even if I get angry or annoyed about something or with someone, even her. She's always been there and always will be there until the day she dies, she is my inspiration.

Inspiring Quote: "What goes around comes around!"

My Inspiration Part 2

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          My inspiration is Logan Paul because, he is a maverick. A maverick is a person who is independent minded and is not afraid to something reckless and spontaneous. He teaches his audience that it is okay to be who you are. He also teaches us to live in the moment and since I have started watching his daily vlogs I have become more of an awesome person. Logan Paul has accomplished so much during his life time so far, currently he is working on his show Logan Paul vs. some other things he has accomplished is his success in vine and YouTube. He was in the movie the thinning and airplane mode. well anyway Logan Paul is just my inspiration and that's that.
BE A MAVERICK - Logan Paul

My Inspiration- Cameron Muniz

My inspiration is Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is an amazing man. He was adopted when he was a child and still went on to do amazing things. He was rejected various times in his life like when he made the Apple Lisa and the Apple III. He even got fired from his job. However, he persisted. He went on to get his job back as the CEO of Apple and he made numerous successful products such as the iPod, iPhone and the iMac. He always continued to invent no matter what. Steve Jobs also had pancreatic cancer. Sadly, he died. Even with cancer, he still did his annual conference where they introduce their newest products. The last product he presented was the iPhone 4; One of the most innovative products of all time. Steve Jobs is my inspiration and I strive to be like him in my everyday life.

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whos is your inspiration

My inspiration is my grandfather for many reasons. He was born in the united states with his parents as they just moved from Russia. he didn't have a lot and he still worked as hard as he could. He dropped out of the eight grade to get a job for his parents to support. My grandfather worked long and hard for a while. he met my grandmother and they live happy together and have no worries. He is a great man and is very nice. He is my role model for his happiness and will to help. In conclusion my grandfather is my inspiration for many reasons.

Jim Unis

a few weeks ago Jim Unis came to our school in gloucester massachusets and talked to the a5 afterschool program. Even if i wasn't there i bet a bunch of people were inspired by him to make their dreams come true.

who is your inspiration?

my inspiration in my life is my mom and dad. when they were younger they both had nothing. My dad when he was a child has lived in more then 10 houses and had no money. when he wanted to go to collage he paid it with his own money and when he needed a job he got a great paying job in Boston. My mother also came from nothing also. she went through 2 house in her life time, but only had a little money and her parents also didn't pay a dime for her collage. In conclusion my mom and dad are the strongest and hardworking people I know.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

           Jim Unis was just an average Gloucester kid like you and me. He went to O'maley Innovation Middle School and graduated from Gloucester High School and went on to pursue his dream as a football player. Jim Unis went to play on the Boston College football team until one day he got hit too hard on the field. Jim Unis had to make the tough decision to either keep playing football with the risk of more brain damage or to resign from football. Jim Unis is now a motivational speaker you goes around speaking to all different types of people.
On March 22, Jim Unis came to talk to the after school, the purpose of this talk was to inspire the students to achieve by working hard. Jim Unis himself achieved his dream of making the NFL by working hard and putting in the necessary practice that he needed to help achieve his dream. However, he developed brain damage which is why he had to step down from what he loves in order to stay healthy. He proved to us that we should strive to achieve our dreams but still put our safety first and make decisions that will help us in the long run.

Jim Unis

        Jim Unis in my opinion was a great man with lots of advice to offer to a younger crowd, maybe his age. He started off with a goal for his family, that no one has a college degree before him. So he set a goal for him to make it to college (for no money) and strive in life. When he got to high school he realized that he was good at football, so the way to get college for free was for the college to pay for him. Boston college gave him a full scholarship to play football. But shortly after he got into college he suffered a career ending concussion. He ended up taking that for the good by going on to help teens.

Jim Unis

         Jim Unis is a very inspiration man, he talked to us about his life and our future. During his collage years he had gotten many head injuries during football, until finally someone told him that there could be some serious consequences if he kept playing. So he made the right decision and chose his health over his sport, and that's why so many people think he is an inspiration.

Jim Unis Feed Back

The talk that Mr. Unis gave really made me realize something, that I can accomplish anything I want to if I really put my mind to it. For example, Jim really wanted to go to college but knew his grades wouldn't get him enough money. So, he played football and practiced so much becoming an all-star. This took him to Boston College in a full scholarship. When he had gotten too many concussions he decided it was time to stop playing. He then became someone who talks to children to inspire them. This showed me that it really is important to have a back up plan and not just rely on sports.

Jim Unis

    I thought Jim Unis was a very interesting person. He talked to us about his story and
I thought it was very motivating and interesting, but also could be a relate able  think to connect to. He was nice and answered every question we asked him. He also gave us a lot of advice and tips to be successful in life as we go on. He shared his job with us and explained what he did. In my opinion I thought Jim Unis was a very interesting man with a lot of advice
When Jim came to our school and talked to us about his life it was pretty good. His talk was really interesting. When he said he came from nothing then was about to go to the NFL, that was unbelievable. To be honest though I have heard those stories before and still I am amazed. my dream was to always go to the Pros, and Jim was about to too. Soon in college he had to end his football life because of his concussions. so in conclusion Jim's story was really wonderful.

Jim Unis - Logan Roberts

Though I didn't get to listen to his speech, I did read a short synopsis of it. Well he seems like a pretty cool guy, and even though I didn't understand any of the football speech, I still felt that he had a good career. It takes a lot to drop out of professional football just because of a little concussion. To conclude, I don't really have much to say other than he seems pretty cool.
Jim Unis seemed like a really nice, and fun guy. And i think he made the right decision leaving football behind for the sake of his health. if i was in his situation i would have also quit because the thought of getting extreme damage to my head would make me instantly quit.

Jim Unis - Kyriah Smithson

Jim Unis was so inspiring. He inspired me to follow my dreams no matter what the stereotype is. Jim was really inspiring, he inspired me to put my health before anything else. Jim was the kind of person who didn't follow the stereotype of who an athlete should be, and that's inspiring. To be completely honest, he's one of my idols. He is such an amazing human to be around, and the good vibes he gives off is amazing. The advice he gave us was inspiring, and he gave me the motivation to follow my dreams. It was amazing to meet someone who was basically a pro football player from my town. It was such an honor, and he is very inspiring and motivational.

Jim Unis Talk

Jim Unis was a inspiring man in my opinion. He basically proved that even if you cant do sports anymore you can still do something with your life besides that. I enjoyed him coming to talk to us because he generally seemed like a nice person and was really open. Plus unlike most players he knew when to stop playing when it was risky which i thought was a big and hard decisions. He also kind of broke the stereotype that football players cant sing or act when he loves to. It seems like unlike most football players (not meant to be offensive to other football players) he has personality, one that he isn't afraid to express. I also really liked that he came back to his home town just to talk to us it shows he actually cares about the little things like Gloucester. Jim Unis really showed us that Hard work can pay off

Jim Unis Discussion- Cameron Muniz

Jim Unis is truly an inspiring man. His story inspired me to be a better person. Jim made me realize that my health was more important than doing something else. He inspired me to follow my dreams because there is a chance that I could achieve them through hard work and dedication. Jim did this by working hard and football and the outcome was that he had the potential to go pro. He also taught me to do what makes me happy. Jim loved to sing and act despite the stereotype that boys and football players "Shouldn't sing". He did not listen to these stereotypes and was amazing. He even auditioned for American Idol! Jim Unis was an inspiring person who told his story of following his dreams and hard work.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

                                           Jim Unis Talk

               On 3/22, Jim Unis came to talk to our after school club. The main premise of the talk, I feel, was to inspire us to pursue or futures strongly. The speech was very inspiring in the sense that I want to work my hardest and go to collage and be successful. One thing that stood out to me was his career path. He could have became a professional football player in the NFL, but the amount of concussions he had was too great and he would have taken serious brain damage if he got another one. This basically ruined his life. What was he going to do besides football? Well, it all worked out because he became a motivational speaker, and he also works with kids from troubled neighborhoods. Hopefully, life works out for me.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Jim Unis Discussion

Hello again, we are posting this recent event for our A5 kids.  We had the inspirational speaker, Jim Unis talk with our A5 and ASL kids.  All I can say is WOW!  What an incredible experience for anyone.  Inspiration, yes!  Motivation, yes!  Wanting to do more and better with my life, YES!  Here is a write-up about Jim Unis.  In the next few weeks our A5 kids will be writing what their experience was like, listening to Jim.  Enjoy.

Jim Unis to speak to O’Maley Academy A5 and ASL classes on Wednesday 3/22 at 2:20 in the O’Maley Gym

On Wednesday, 3/22 at 2:20, Jim Unis, former Gloucester star High School football player who graduated in 2001 and was inducted into the Gloucester High School Hall of Fame last year, will talk to the students about preparing for college, and life, while in high school, being recruited by Boston College, and the diagnosis of post-concussion syndrome which completely altered his life path.

We invite any interested parents and teachers to join us to hear Jim Unis speak and answer questions! For More information, please contact Mr. Epple the A5 teacher.

From a 2011 Gloucester Times Article:

Never has Gloucester football seen a physical freak of nature like Jim Unis. The 6-foot-5-inch, 225-pound defensive end and tight end wreaked havoc on Northeastern Conference opponents from his freshman year in 1998 to his senior year in 2001…

"In the Super Bowl his freshman year one of our players got hurt so we had to put him in on defense," Ingram explained. "Within a few plays it was obvious that he was the best defensive player on the field." By the time his career at Gloucester was over, Unis was the Gatorade Massachusetts Player of the Year in 2001, the Northeastern Conference MVP in 2001, a three-time Northeastern Conference All-Star and a two-time All Scholastic. His most impressive accolade came early in 2002 when he played in the US Army All-American game in Texas amongst the best players in the country including Haloti Ngata (now of the Baltimore Ravens) and Vince Young (now of the Philadelphia Eagles).
"Unis' tenacity and hustle shone through," said about Unis' ability against the Nation's best. "He was the star of all the East practices — everybody was wowed by him throughout the week." From Gloucester he went on to Boston College where he played in eight games at defensive end as a true freshman. His promising career, however, came to an early end when he was forced to stop playing the sport due to concussion problems. Had he stayed healthy it's widely believed that he would be playing in the National Football League to this day.




Evening with A5 Responses

Welcome!  We are having an Evening with A5, in which the students and families are invited for an evening to share what we are doing in A5.  We are going to play both soccer and European handball, with families and students together.  Student ambassadors will be going over rules of the games.  We will then play each activity.  Our entire group then will go for a pizza celebration and all will answer the questions our A5 students created.  We will also take this time to show off our A5 blog to the families.  The student and family responses will be posted on this blog, for each of the students.  We are really looking forward to seeing what everyone has to say.  Here are the questions the kids came up with.
     Official A5 Evening Questions

What was the best part of your night?

What is your opinion of the A5 program?

Did you find it entertaining?

Do you think that A5 is a beneficial program?  Why?

What expectations did you have of A5, coming into tonight?

How did you feel (from your day) when you entered the A5 program?

If you were in 8th or 7th grade would you do A5? Why?

How did it feel playing competitively against 7th and 8th graders?

If there is anything you would change, what would it be?

What do you think of the A5 Blog?

Do you think that by the end of the day the exercise changed your mood?  How?  Please explain.

Would you ever come back to a night of A5 if we invited you again?

Why do you think people didn’t want middle schoolers to play dodgeball? What is your opinion?

How did you feel emotionally before tonight? How do you feel now?


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Social media

      Social media is a big parts in peoples lives, most Americans use it every day. Social media can be great if used in correct ways, if not it can be very harmful or hurtful. It can be negative to some people by saying mean thing or direct mean comments to themselves. You don't know how they'll will react, some people can get offended very easy. In a good way is they can say direct comments that are compliments and it can make there day. Social media in all i think is good i use it a good amount nut i'm still cautious to not run in to bad things. People that use it to much can not rely on social media.
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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

How does social media affect people's lives

     Social media has a major affect on people's lives all around the world. Wherever you go, there is somebody on their phone, most likely on Twitter, Instagram, Vine, etc. These are some of the main social medias that people use. Social media can affect people's lives in a positive and negative influence. In a positive way, you can raise awareness about diseases and bad things that are happening in the world to leave a positive influence and/or help somebody out (creating go fund-mes, etc). It is also good because many people are able to talk to people that they look up to or admire (because they aren't able to see them in person). Social media can just be a fun thing to have because you are able to communicate with friends and anyone in the world! This can also lead to the bad part of social media. Many times, there are bad people on the web that try to do bad things (disgusting things) to people. This is why people need to be careful on the internet. Telling personal info and such is not a good thing to do (obviously). It can also affect people by having them use their phone too much, and sometimes people are way too attached to it...As long as you are smart on the internet (social media), it is a fun experience and worth the time you spend on it. Although there are bad things on the internet, the good things about it make it worth going on. Sadly, I believe that social media (and the internet itself) have more bad influences than good ones. Because of the internet, kids are learning bad things (sexual, drugs, alcohol, etc) quicker and easier. It isn't hard to find pictures or videos of things that shouldn't be for children or teens. Social media also offers opportunities for children to get taken advantage of or used in a bad way. I personally, have never been bullied on social media. And if I was bullied on social media, I wouldn't care. Do you know how to ignore cyber bullying? Shut off your phone. Shut off your computer. Take a deep breathe, and do something else. I know many kids and teens nowadays get bullied on social media but it isn't that hard to ignore it. Cyber bullying usually consists of insulting or name calling. If that happens, block that person. They won't be able to get in contact of you or bully you any longer. Some people may read that and say that I don't understand how it works, but I guess I won't know until it actually happens to me

Social Media

        Social media is used by millions of people everyday but sometimes being on social media can hurt you if someone writes a mean comment it can hurt someones feelings and make them feel bad about themselves. Some people argue that social media is a bad influence and a wast of time, I disagree with this statement because its a way to get in touch with old friends you haven't seen in a while or see whats going on in other peoples lives. Social media is where people can also voice there opinion on certain topics. There is one bad thing about it though and that's cyber bullying, anyone can go on and say something mean and hurt someones feelings and whoever does this is having a bad day so they have to make someone day worse than there's. I personally have never been cyber bullied but I know people who have and it hurts them mentally and lowers there confidence.

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social media

social media can affect people if so many ways like you can bully people on social media sometimes bulliying can get to far and the person getting bullied sometime takes there own media can be both negative and positive. I think there is more negative things on social media because there is cyber bulling and predator. A positive thing could be you could talk to old friend that you lost touch with. I have never been bullied on social media

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