Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Who is my inspiration? Pt.2

  One of my inspirations is Anne Burrell, she inspired me to want to become a chef by watch all of her cooking shows as a kid. She is also one of the bests chefs in the world.  Anne Burrell has worked at some of the top restaurants in New York, studied the culinary landscape and traditions of Italy. Anne Burrell made a cookbook in 2011 to help people at home to cook. Her cookbook earned a place on the New York Times Best Seller list. Anne Burrell is a happy, up beat person, hardworking, and a leader all the time in the kitchen or outside the kitchen.
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Who is you Inspiration

My inspiration is Steve Jobs, he was a great inventor who invented something millions if not billions of people use. Not only that he was a humble man in my opinion. He was rich but he wasn't one of those people who brag about it or buy things that were pointless. He also worked hard to achieve his success in life, which proves you can really doing anything with hard work. For example the Iphone is a huge product that everyone has and its one of the biggest companies around. All it takes is hard work. Plus he has a lot of inspirational quotes to others.Image result for Steve Jobs quotes

My Inspiration Part 2

My inspiration is my mom. My mo had me unexpectedly at 18, and managed to give me everything I have ever wanted or needed. When she was 22 she had her second child, also unexpectedly. My mom had been previously engaged to my dad until they ended up not working out. She was a single mother for most of the time, and she has always worked 3 jobs to make sure we had everything needed. She met my step dad, and they had a child together, and they got married. She has always put her children first, and she shows me what life is really about. She is a hardworking mother that does the best she can. She works her hardest when it comes to photography.

i love her with all my heart.
                                                             Who is your inspiration part 2

                      This assignment is the second assignment to the one that we made over a year ago when we first started blogging. My inspiration is my father. He works every day and picks me up from dodge ball every Wednesday. Also, he brings me to all of my sports activities. Furthermore, he always picks me up when I am down. My celebrity inspiration is Isiah Thomas. He has been putting up an average of about 30 points a game, and he recently lost his sister. Even though she died a couple days before, he still play his game and put up a decent amount of points.
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My Inspiration P. 2

My inspiration is my Grandfather. Most of the things I do in this life are either because of him or for him. When he was younger he was diagnosed with a rare nerve disease where he can no longer move his legs. He then developed heart problems and has had countless heart attacks. Hes danced with death way too many times but his strength is unreal how hes still going today. I want to do the things he can't and have his strength.  Image result for inspirational quotes about strength

Who is my inspiration? part 2!

I actually have a person I look up to, if you look at my old post, you'll see that my inspiration was myself, but that was mostly because I didn't know who to do, but now I have someone now... His name is Izuku Midoriya, and sure he doesn't exist and he's an anime character, but his story is one to be inspired by. He lives in a world where superpowers are common, but he doesn't have any. Everyone would make fun of him for going to superhero school, and he even got accepted into the most prestigious superhero training schools, in the best class. His entire life he wanted to be like his favorite hero, All Might, the strongest superhero of his time, and he saves people with a smile on his face. *Spoilers* He then one day learned that All Might has a power that can be transferred, and he had to train extremely hard to gain it. Long story short, he gained the power, and he's trying everyday to become amazing with his power, so he too can save people with a smile. He is one of the few people I inspire, and I hope that someday I can push through to make an impossible dream come true in my life...

My Inspiration Part 2

                                                                   My Inspiration Part 2
                My inspiration has always been my mom, she's been there for me my whole life and supported me every step of the way. Through my ups and downs she's the only one who's been there every single time. She listens to me even if I get angry or annoyed about something or with someone, even her. She's always been there and always will be there until the day she dies, she is my inspiration.

Inspiring Quote: "What goes around comes around!"