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          Leadership means to guide anyone to succeed. To be a good leader, you have to be responsible, patient, and have a positive attitude. In A5 we all work as leaders. We give each other tips and assist each other while competing our fellow classmates in several sports and activities. There are so many sports stars who led their team to become successful. It takes pure inspiration and motivation to be a great leader. Coaches lead their team to win games. Teachers lead their students to become successful academically and become successful living their future life by getting a job. That is what Leadership means to me. 


          Leadership to me is when a person is helpful to others. When one person helps other in need not to take control of them when they are weak. A leader is someone who you feel safe being near. Leaders aren't people who have been through nothing, Or people who have got troubled and quit. But for people who have been through a lot and kept going and never gave up. Leaders are people who are good to follow. Image result for leadership


Leadership is the fourth letter in sails and it means to show the way for another person or to be a positive example.An example of leadership is teachers they educate students, show them right way to do things and are usually a very good positive example for students.Leadership is an essential and fundamental part of any project because a leader almost always helps to achieve success.



Leadership is taking control of situation that has taken a wrong turn. It can mean that you lead a certain group or area. Some examples of leadership are helping your teammates get their spirits up after they are losing a game. Leadership is fining your way home after getting lost in the woods. Leadership can mean many different things and is a very important characteristic to have.
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Leadership means to me is that set a good example for little kids. Leadership is somebody who leads something like Emmitt Smith. Leadership can be anything if you are a good example. Emmitt smith is a good example because he was the running back of the cowboys but he inspired people to become a football player. The school has  good leadership because of Mr. Strong because he keeps the school together. The A5 has leadership because Mr. Epple leads us to be a good role model.

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I don 't really know what leadership means.  All I know is that leadership means to follow someone in a way. For example my parents are considered leaders. I think they are leaders because they never give up and they are strong and nice people. they are an example what I want to have a nice well balanced family. So to me a leader is a fighter someone who is always there and never gives up and doesn't let peoples worlds get them down.  That is the true meaning of a leader.

My Inspiration

My Inspiration

My inspiration is Eminem, he is one of the world’s fastest rappers and a father.  Eminem’s real name is Marshall Mathers, he was born October 17, 1972. He has three daughters, Hailie, Alaina, and Whitney Mathers. Eminem is my is my inspiration because when he first started rapping all the other rappers told him he couldn't do it, that he couldn't be the best . They were wrong. Eminem never gave up, what they told him only made him want to prove them wrong. He has become one of the world’s best and fastest rappers. He doesn't give up, he never has never given up. You would think he’d give up after what the other rappers told him and after everything he went through in life, he didn’t. He doesn't care what other people think about him. He does what he does because he loves doing it, not because people think he should. He is Marshall Mathers and he’s not going to change for anyone.


             What does leadership mean to me? Leadership means that you have a positive example. A lot of famous leaders have gone through hardships to achieve what they have achieved. At O'maley, leadership means to always follow directions, or always going the extra step to show people that you can take charge. At A5, being a leader means to be respectful of the people around you, and always being positive to your team.


Leadership is being a positive leader that people should follow. You can be quiet or loud. A loud leader is someone who leads by example and takes action to help his or her peers. In A5 a leader is someone who does what is right and helps out for their team or program. In O'maley a leader is someone who does their work right and or gives the most effort.
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     To me leadership is being the person who stands up and fights for what they want. Someone who doesn't let other people's opinion bring them down. Someone who proves to people that they can do anything. Someone who people want to follow because they know they won't back down and won't leave them. 



     To me leadership is when you volunteer to do something that is out of your comfort zone. Leaders are people who are confident and selfless. They are also willing to try again and again until they get it right. Like the video Mr. Epple showed us of Kid President he talks not giving up and staying task and that is what a leader is to me.   

What does leadership mean to me?

Leadership: leadership means the action of leading a group of people or an organization.
A good leader would be someone with a positive attitude. Someone who is a like able person. If you would want to be a leader I think that you would have to be a nice person because if not people wouldn't want to follow you or be like you. If people say things about you and it doesn't bring you down that technically you're a leader. But honestly I don't know what a leader is, it's someone you follow.
What is Leadership? Leadership is being a positive example and showing others what the right thing to do is. Some examples of leadership would be If you are taking care of somebody younger than you, don't be a trouble maker and teach them the wrong things to do. Be the person who follows the rules and gets invited back to wherever you are. Also leadership can just be being kind to others and make them feel better and possibly be nicer to others. This is what leadership to me is.

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to me

     Is a group working together for one cause, leaded by one person, working as one unit. Of course this goes for bad people as well as good, like Hitler for instance. But on the good side of things, there could be a officer in any kind of force (police, army, etc.). Leadership is also fighting the good fight all you can with the team, maybe even sacrifice for the team. The world would have gone nowhere without leadership, without someone devoted enough to keep going.


Integrity means just doing the right thing even when no one is watching. An example of this can be when you find someones wallet, and instead of pocketing the money, making an attempt to find them. It can be shown here in our school by not cheating on a test but admitting that you hadn't studied. In dodge ball we can show integrity by telling the truth when we were questionably hit or if you hit someone. 
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A leader is usually the one person who does something against others and gains followers. Leaders are people who do whats right in their opinion. A leader is someone who leads with only a good example, a leader is a person who shows people what they’re made of. A person who doesn’t let themselves get beaten down by others opinions.

Leadership- Joey C

    Leadership to me means showing someone the way to do something. Leadership means to lead the way weather it be to show an elder or a child. If you are a leader you need leadership. To hold a door for someone and a little kid watches you he will follow as you did and that's leadership! In our A5 program people may throw a ball a certain way someone could watch you do it and follow after the way you do. In our school people show leader ship by like I said opening a door or to have a good project. It can rub off on people and might make them do better and work harder on that project or a new one.


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What does leadership mean to me? Leadership means to lead by a positive example, and do whats right for others, along with being nice and kind with a positive attitude.

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L is for Leadership

Week 4: What does Leadership mean to you? How do you represent or demonstrate this for yourself?  How do you see it represented in our school and in our A5 program?  Please also answer what qualities you think a good leader should posses?  You can either list them out or write them in sentence form. 

Definition of Leadership:  The action of leading a group of people or an organization

What should a good leader be like (what qualities do they posses?):

Please check out the following article link that describes the top 10 qualities of great leadership:

Profiles International: Top 10 Qualities of great leadership. Do you have what it takes?

Please check out the following Leadership video clips:
Middle School Speech:
Famous Failures:

Kid President: Teamwork and Leadership:
Abbot Middle School Leadership:

Mr. Epple
In creating this week's blog about leadership, I spent quite a long time putting it together.  Reason being, I couldn't stop.  I researched and found more and more information on Leadership, leadership qualities and video examples.  I wanted to include more, but was worried it might be too lengthy for the readers and I don't want to lose interest in any of our topics.  Everything I put into this week's blog are my feelings on leadership.  I don't want to restate what the blog has already said.  Without leaders we would be in trouble.  We need strong leaders, with integrity, who commit themselves to service,  for the common good.  These leaders need to be transparent.  They need to gain their followers through respect, not fear.  They need to lead by example.  Inspire us!  Lead us!  Treat others with kindness and respect.  Be honest.  Clearly communicate.  Doing this, will make others WANT to follow them.  As a teacher, father, man and just plain old human being, I try and live my life this way.  Being a leader is not easy, but it is necessary to accomplish greater things.  I hope you all have great leaders in your life.  By the way, everyone has the potential to be a great leader.  Find it in yourself.........

I would like to end this blog by giving you some examples of leaders that have changed my life for the better.  Thank you for reading.

William B. Epple, founder of Harmony animal hospital, veterinary doctor, farmer, loves Joe Montana, inspiration, a great son, down to earth, man whom I want to be like, man whom I want to impress, My father

Ruth G. Epple, co-founder of Harmony animal hospital, hard worker, friend, inspiration, major life influence, a great daughter, always positive, women I want to impress,  My mother

Lauren N.F. Epple, Independent soul, inspiration, artist, my partner in life, women I want to impress, best friend, soulmate, My wife

Jeffrey Destino, fellow teacher and inspirational leader

Eric Passeriello, high school best friend

Barry Jo Milenuc (Wambold), childhood best friend

Mitch Albom, author (Tuesday with Morrie, For One More Day, Magic Strings of Frankie Presto)

Dave Mustaine, lead singer, guitarist and creator of band: Megadeth

Guns N Roses (band), for providing the soundtrack to my life and a source of inspiration for me whether I am up or down

Abraham Lincoln, 16th US President

Red Cloud (Makhpiya Luta),  Oglala Lakota (Sioux) warrior

Crazy Horse (Thasuka Witko), Sioux warrior

Sitting Bull (Tatanka lyotake), Hunkpapa Lakota (Sioux) warrior 

Pope Francis, Pontiff of the Catholic Church

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany

Lady Diana, Princess of Wales

Zakk Wylde, leader singer, guitarist and creator of band: Black Label Society

Dalai Lama, Spiritual Leader of the Tibetan people

Morrie Schwartz, Brandeis professor, inspiration and subject of book: Tuesday with Morrie

Derek Jeter, shortstop and leader of the New York Yankees

Liz Murray, inspirational person that movie: Homeless to Harvard: was made about

Chris Gardner, Stock Broker, movie: Pursuit of Happiness: was made about his life

Pete Frates,  ALS patient whose story created the Ice Bucket Challenge 

Prince EA (Richard Williams), American rapper and activist

Tupac Shakur, American rapper, actor and activist

Daniel Day Lewis, English actor

Oskar Schindler, German industrialist, spy and member of Nazi party that is credited for saving 1,200 Jewish lives during World War II (the Holocaust) 

Elie Wiesel, writer (Night), political activist, professor and Nobel Laureate, Nobel Peace Prize Awardee (1986)

Steve Jobs, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple, Inc.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.:  American Baptist Minister, activist, humanitarian,  and leader of the African-American Civil Rights Movement

John Lennon, co-creator of The Beatles, guitarist, poet and humanitarian

Bill Coutney, American football coach (documentary: undefeated) and CEO of Classic American Hardwoods

David and Tina Long, parents of Tyler Long (character that was mercilessly bullied and committed suicide in the documentary: Bully, They are also leaders in fighting to make schools a safer place for all students

Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals Quarterback

Walter Payton, Chicago Bears Running Back

Tom Brady, New England Patriots Quarterback

Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors Point Guard

Kevin Garnett,  Minnesota Timberwolves/ Boston Celtics/ Brooklyn Nets power forward/ center

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I is for Integrity (Project Explanation and Student Work)

The next blog will consist of a multiple week project.  Our class is going to take the S.A.I.L.S. acronym and represent what each means to us.  We will do a letter per week.  When the overall project is done, we will have each player's feelings on what S.A.I.L.S. means to them.  The students will also have to answer what the acronym letters mean to our school and to our A5 program.  This can be a writing, art or combination piece.  Students will be encouraged to use Photo shop, Pixlr or Prezi to represent their answers to what S.A.I.L.S. means to them.  We will view different representations of each WORD during the beginning stages of the class.   I also would like to add, we as an A5 class will try and watch the film, "Pay It Forward."  This movie displays all parts of S.A.I.L.S.  We will watch the film, when the 5 week period is over for our S.A.I.L.S. assignment.  Here is the IMDB link for that film:
Pay It Forward

Week 3: What does Integrity mean to you?  How do you represent or demonstrate this for yourself?  How do you see it represented in our school and in our A5 program? 

We started the class by looking at the definition of Integrity:

the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

Synonyms for Integrity: honesty, virtue, straightforwardness, sincerity, goodness, wholeness, purity, (the inability to be corrupted)

Students could ask questions about integrity and give examples of when they have done it or where they have seen it.

We then watched the following video clips on Integrity:
A Life of Integrity:

Do what you say you will do (Abraham Lincoln Story):

Animation about Integrity:

Integrity gets you Everything (Motivational Video):

Mr. Epple

Integrity.  What is it?  How do we know if we do it?  Is it a part of us?  Do we have to try and live life with Integrity?  Ask yourself.  If you know you are someone who doesn't tell the truth, you are not living with Integrity.  If you do what is easy, rather than what is right, you are not living with Integrity.  If you need someone to watch over you, in order to do the right thing, you are not living with Integrity.  Look in the mirror.  What do you see?  If you see an honest, hard working, motivated, pure (will not be swayed by others) and straightforward person, then you are the definition of Integrity.  Your word should be your word.  A handshake counts, as your word.  You don't tell others what you think they need to hear.  You tell others the truth, no matter the consequence.  You don't "yes" people, you are honest with people.  In the midst of criticism, negativity and anger, you do what is right.  You do not shy away from what is right because of difficulties.  If you are not living with Integrity, ask yourself why?  Why am I not living with Integrity?  This can not be taught.  We can see examples of Integrity, but it needs to come from within.  Integrity starts here........ with us.