Wednesday, January 6, 2016



To me, acceptance means to not judge someone else by how they look, talk, or their personality. We should accept everyone as how they are because acceptance allows people to be how they want to be. I show acceptance by inviting some who's lonely to sit next to me or play with them.I see acceptance a lot throughout our school. I see students assisting other students in many different ways. In A5, people assist each other while competing in many sports. That is what Acceptance means to me. 

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  1. Harry, I'm so glad to read your writing about acceptance! I believe it can be one of the most challenging SAILS values because it can be hard to accept someone or something that we cannot change. Like so many other values, it takes practice. We get good at what we practice! Also, make sure to read through your blog post to ensure it says exactly what you want it to say. Are accepting and assisting the same thing? Happy Monday!