Sunday, January 10, 2016

Welcome back to the updated A5 Blog!

Thanks for visiting!  The O'Maley A5 7th and 8th Grade blog has been updated for easier reading and is now open for comments.  Please enjoy and as always thanks for your support!

A-5 Course Description (7th and 8th Grade)

During this course students will engage in physical activities, such as dodgeball, European handball, kickball (multiple versions) and indoor soccer.  Concepts such as respect, team building/ work, cooperation, healthy competition, compassion, empathy,  and sportsmanship will be emphasized and modeled.  A dodge ball league will also be set up, in which teams will be created (by students) in a fair, hands on approach.  Records will be kept and a final tournament will be held on the final session, versus other classes and a teacher team.  During the course of the 10 weeks, games will be recorded, using the school ipads.  The first hour of the two hour course, the students will watch documented footage from the prior week’s games.  During this time students will pick aspects of the footage, they would like to report out on (highlighting good plays, awesome aspects athleticism, excellent examples of respect/ sportsmanship).  The reporting will be in the form of a small,  written post (newspaper story).  During this time, if students can’t find aspects of the footage to write about, they will be required to report out on weekly sporting/ life events (local sports, local news, global sports, global news) in which one of the Concepts (respect, team building, cooperation,  compassion, healthy competition, empathy and sportsmanship) we are teaching/ talking about are shown.  Weekly/ bi weekly examples will be reported out on the Friday, morning announcements, for the school to hear what we are working on in our A-5 class.  Weekly highlights and stories will be posted on the A5 blog created to showcase the class activities.

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