Thursday, January 14, 2016

I is for Integrity (Project Explanation and Student Work)

The next blog will consist of a multiple week project.  Our class is going to take the S.A.I.L.S. acronym and represent what each means to us.  We will do a letter per week.  When the overall project is done, we will have each player's feelings on what S.A.I.L.S. means to them.  The students will also have to answer what the acronym letters mean to our school and to our A5 program.  This can be a writing, art or combination piece.  Students will be encouraged to use Photo shop, Pixlr or Prezi to represent their answers to what S.A.I.L.S. means to them.  We will view different representations of each WORD during the beginning stages of the class.   I also would like to add, we as an A5 class will try and watch the film, "Pay It Forward."  This movie displays all parts of S.A.I.L.S.  We will watch the film, when the 5 week period is over for our S.A.I.L.S. assignment.  Here is the IMDB link for that film:
Pay It Forward

Week 3: What does Integrity mean to you?  How do you represent or demonstrate this for yourself?  How do you see it represented in our school and in our A5 program? 

We started the class by looking at the definition of Integrity:

the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

Synonyms for Integrity: honesty, virtue, straightforwardness, sincerity, goodness, wholeness, purity, (the inability to be corrupted)

Students could ask questions about integrity and give examples of when they have done it or where they have seen it.

We then watched the following video clips on Integrity:
A Life of Integrity:

Do what you say you will do (Abraham Lincoln Story):

Animation about Integrity:

Integrity gets you Everything (Motivational Video):

Mr. Epple

Integrity.  What is it?  How do we know if we do it?  Is it a part of us?  Do we have to try and live life with Integrity?  Ask yourself.  If you know you are someone who doesn't tell the truth, you are not living with Integrity.  If you do what is easy, rather than what is right, you are not living with Integrity.  If you need someone to watch over you, in order to do the right thing, you are not living with Integrity.  Look in the mirror.  What do you see?  If you see an honest, hard working, motivated, pure (will not be swayed by others) and straightforward person, then you are the definition of Integrity.  Your word should be your word.  A handshake counts, as your word.  You don't tell others what you think they need to hear.  You tell others the truth, no matter the consequence.  You don't "yes" people, you are honest with people.  In the midst of criticism, negativity and anger, you do what is right.  You do not shy away from what is right because of difficulties.  If you are not living with Integrity, ask yourself why?  Why am I not living with Integrity?  This can not be taught.  We can see examples of Integrity, but it needs to come from within.  Integrity starts here........ with us.


  1. In the middle of a crazy school week filled with papers, studying, chores and friend committments, sometimes it's easy to take the easy way out of things - break a plan, copy some homework ... and this is where Integrity sometimes gets tough. Sometimes it's hard to go the extra mile to make sure we do something right, or we go out of our way to keep our word. But to do this and practice Integrity is always worth it! It become a Habit of Heart and a Habit of Mind. When we practice Integrity and remind ourselves to be aware of it, it becomes part of who we are and it makes us a better person! Spread the attitude of Integrity! It makes the world a better place!!

  2. Thank you Mrs. Gray for the comment. I totally agree and you put it beautifully. Integrity does make the world a better place!