Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Given the choice between right and kind choose kind- wonder
         Personally I don't like this quote because if your friends with someone and they want the truth about something and you are not honest with them at first there will be consequences later. Say your friend asks you if they sing good and you say they do, when they don't and they embarrassed on stage they will be mad at you longer than if you just tell them the truth about how they actually sing. I think being honest is the best choice unless you are being so honest that it hurts someones feelings. It is okay to tell someone your opinion about something but don't be rude about it. Like if someone asks you there opinion about there hair you don't like it you don't say that is the ugliest hairstyle ever. Integrity cant be taught,
integrity comes from your heart.

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  1. Great point about integrity and honesty! It isn't always easy to be honest, but sometimes honesty can amount to kindness in the long run