Wednesday, April 12, 2017

           Jim Unis was just an average Gloucester kid like you and me. He went to O'maley Innovation Middle School and graduated from Gloucester High School and went on to pursue his dream as a football player. Jim Unis went to play on the Boston College football team until one day he got hit too hard on the field. Jim Unis had to make the tough decision to either keep playing football with the risk of more brain damage or to resign from football. Jim Unis is now a motivational speaker you goes around speaking to all different types of people.
On March 22, Jim Unis came to talk to the after school, the purpose of this talk was to inspire the students to achieve by working hard. Jim Unis himself achieved his dream of making the NFL by working hard and putting in the necessary practice that he needed to help achieve his dream. However, he developed brain damage which is why he had to step down from what he loves in order to stay healthy. He proved to us that we should strive to achieve our dreams but still put our safety first and make decisions that will help us in the long run.

Jim Unis

        Jim Unis in my opinion was a great man with lots of advice to offer to a younger crowd, maybe his age. He started off with a goal for his family, that no one has a college degree before him. So he set a goal for him to make it to college (for no money) and strive in life. When he got to high school he realized that he was good at football, so the way to get college for free was for the college to pay for him. Boston college gave him a full scholarship to play football. But shortly after he got into college he suffered a career ending concussion. He ended up taking that for the good by going on to help teens.

Jim Unis

         Jim Unis is a very inspiration man, he talked to us about his life and our future. During his collage years he had gotten many head injuries during football, until finally someone told him that there could be some serious consequences if he kept playing. So he made the right decision and chose his health over his sport, and that's why so many people think he is an inspiration.

Jim Unis Feed Back

The talk that Mr. Unis gave really made me realize something, that I can accomplish anything I want to if I really put my mind to it. For example, Jim really wanted to go to college but knew his grades wouldn't get him enough money. So, he played football and practiced so much becoming an all-star. This took him to Boston College in a full scholarship. When he had gotten too many concussions he decided it was time to stop playing. He then became someone who talks to children to inspire them. This showed me that it really is important to have a back up plan and not just rely on sports.

Jim Unis

    I thought Jim Unis was a very interesting person. He talked to us about his story and
I thought it was very motivating and interesting, but also could be a relate able  think to connect to. He was nice and answered every question we asked him. He also gave us a lot of advice and tips to be successful in life as we go on. He shared his job with us and explained what he did. In my opinion I thought Jim Unis was a very interesting man with a lot of advice
When Jim came to our school and talked to us about his life it was pretty good. His talk was really interesting. When he said he came from nothing then was about to go to the NFL, that was unbelievable. To be honest though I have heard those stories before and still I am amazed. my dream was to always go to the Pros, and Jim was about to too. Soon in college he had to end his football life because of his concussions. so in conclusion Jim's story was really wonderful.

Jim Unis - Logan Roberts

Though I didn't get to listen to his speech, I did read a short synopsis of it. Well he seems like a pretty cool guy, and even though I didn't understand any of the football speech, I still felt that he had a good career. It takes a lot to drop out of professional football just because of a little concussion. To conclude, I don't really have much to say other than he seems pretty cool.
Jim Unis seemed like a really nice, and fun guy. And i think he made the right decision leaving football behind for the sake of his health. if i was in his situation i would have also quit because the thought of getting extreme damage to my head would make me instantly quit.

Jim Unis - Kyriah Smithson

Jim Unis was so inspiring. He inspired me to follow my dreams no matter what the stereotype is. Jim was really inspiring, he inspired me to put my health before anything else. Jim was the kind of person who didn't follow the stereotype of who an athlete should be, and that's inspiring. To be completely honest, he's one of my idols. He is such an amazing human to be around, and the good vibes he gives off is amazing. The advice he gave us was inspiring, and he gave me the motivation to follow my dreams. It was amazing to meet someone who was basically a pro football player from my town. It was such an honor, and he is very inspiring and motivational.

Jim Unis Talk

Jim Unis was a inspiring man in my opinion. He basically proved that even if you cant do sports anymore you can still do something with your life besides that. I enjoyed him coming to talk to us because he generally seemed like a nice person and was really open. Plus unlike most players he knew when to stop playing when it was risky which i thought was a big and hard decisions. He also kind of broke the stereotype that football players cant sing or act when he loves to. It seems like unlike most football players (not meant to be offensive to other football players) he has personality, one that he isn't afraid to express. I also really liked that he came back to his home town just to talk to us it shows he actually cares about the little things like Gloucester. Jim Unis really showed us that Hard work can pay off

Jim Unis Discussion- Cameron Muniz

Jim Unis is truly an inspiring man. His story inspired me to be a better person. Jim made me realize that my health was more important than doing something else. He inspired me to follow my dreams because there is a chance that I could achieve them through hard work and dedication. Jim did this by working hard and football and the outcome was that he had the potential to go pro. He also taught me to do what makes me happy. Jim loved to sing and act despite the stereotype that boys and football players "Shouldn't sing". He did not listen to these stereotypes and was amazing. He even auditioned for American Idol! Jim Unis was an inspiring person who told his story of following his dreams and hard work.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

                                           Jim Unis Talk

               On 3/22, Jim Unis came to talk to our after school club. The main premise of the talk, I feel, was to inspire us to pursue or futures strongly. The speech was very inspiring in the sense that I want to work my hardest and go to collage and be successful. One thing that stood out to me was his career path. He could have became a professional football player in the NFL, but the amount of concussions he had was too great and he would have taken serious brain damage if he got another one. This basically ruined his life. What was he going to do besides football? Well, it all worked out because he became a motivational speaker, and he also works with kids from troubled neighborhoods. Hopefully, life works out for me.