Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Family plays a big part in my life. I live with my mom my dad and my sister. My family is very supportive and in my opinion good role models. They teach me right from wrong, and how to succeed in life.  My mom is a very easy person to talk to if I need to do something like rant like I would do to a friend or If I needed to just talk because I just feel like talking. My dad is very good at helping me with life decisions, knows what good to do and whats not so good. My family is also very supportive when it comes to wanting to do something like sin up for a sport or plan something special they are always willing to help. Another family member that I consider is a big part in my life is my sister. At first she and I didn't get along at all but now we joke around all the time. She is good to talk to if something is going on in school, or if I want to just kid around. Not to mention the fact that she is helpful for example she stayed up until 10:30 to help me with my Homework! So ya  I consider family a big part in my life, and family to me means, always helping out when needed and not always thinking f yourself.

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