Wednesday, November 2, 2016

      In my opinion getting involved or addicted to drugs is the worst thing someone could do. Not only are you hurting yourself, you´re hurting others around you. Drugs can hurt you and others around you physically, emotionally, and financially. There are many long term and short term effects due to drugs including death.           Drugs can hurt you and others in many ways. Drugs can hurt all different types of relationships which can lead to metal illnesses such as depression and extreme anxiety. Drugs can also leave you with physical problems such as cold sweats, itching, comas, memory loss, weight loss, and much more including death. Drugs can leave you in really bad financial situations. Instead of paying bills and doing what you are supposed to be doing you are wasting money on drugs and wasting time on drugs. If you have a family and are doing drugs you can hurt them emotionally, financially, and possibly physically if the drugs make you aggressive.
     Doing drugs is the worst thing someone could do to themselves and the people around them.

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