Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Drug Abuse

 The drug that I think is the most widely abused drug in this country is alcohol and tobacco. over half (52.5%) of U.S. population identified as drinkers, alcohol is the #1 abused substance in America. An estimated 135.5 million people drink alcohol, but of those people, 86 million are considered to be abusers, which include heavy drinking, binge drinking and underage drinking. Alcohol is every easy to get and not a lot of money. I also think that tobacco is one of the widely abused drug in this country because if you walk around town or anywhere you see cigarettes. In 2012, an estimated 69.5 million Americans over age 12 were current users of a tobacco product. Across age groups, current cigarette use was highest among people aged 21 to 25.
 In sports, High school athletes use Anabolism steroids and the percents are 0.7 percent to 6.6 percent. College athletes usually use Alcohol, Anabolism steroids, Marijuana, Stimulants, and Smokeless tobacco. Professional football players usually use Anabolism steroids, Opiates, and Smokeless tobacco. Professional baseball players usually use Smokeless tobacco. And Competitive power lifters use Anabolism steroids.
  I think Meth is one of the worst drugs in the country because there are a lots of short term affects and long term affects. The short term affects are, loss of appetite, Increased heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, Dilation of pupils, Disturbed sleep patterns, Nausea, Bizarre, erratic, sometimes violent behavior, Hallucinations, hyper excitability, irritability, Panic and psychosis, Convulsions, seizures and death from high doses. 
    People that are addicted to drugs or alcohol should go to rehabs like AA Rehab. AA is Alcohol Anonymous rehab. Steps of the addiction process 
  1. Intake.
  2. Detoxification (detox).
  3. Rehabilitation (rehab).
  4. Ongoing Recovery.
This is a helpful URL for the people that need help. http://www.rehabs.com/ 
    If my loved one came up to me and said that they are addicted to drugs I would be scared that something would happen to them. I would ask them first if they wanted help because a lot of people don't want help. If they do want help I would get a rehab center to help him or her out. But if they said no to having help I would probably keep on trying to help anyway. I would be by there side and be the one to talk to just to get through it.    
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