Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Drugs - BradyLattanzi

      Drugs are bad as we all know, but some are worse than others for example in the US some might be used more than some in China. The most used drug in the US is tobacco or nicotine.. over 40 million people use tobacco. Than if you want to scale it down to community or organization like sports for example. In sports you can use them for different reasons like to get better, stress relief, or just because there addicted. The thing is some states don't ban some drugs but, in sports you can get fined, banned, or not be able to play a again. So if your smart you'll stop but some still take them, I personally think that the biggest thing is steroids they're ruining the game. They're also ruining them selves... it kills you.
        ( resonings for what is the most dangerous drug. Krokodil is the most dangerous drug and most people pick this drug over heroin because it costs less. which will attract more people, also very easy to retrieve. It is made up of mostly home found ingredients so cooking videos will know include those.
       People should go to centers to help them stop,.. ask a family member or someone you trust help and they can look for places or if they have had gone through it they might know.
      You should be kind and nice about the whole situation and go through the process slowly. This is how people can help, what is the most dangerous, and what is most found in sports.

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