Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Domestic violence in the world of sports By: Brady Lattanzi

            Domestic violence is a huge problem people suffer through in being abused or by watching it happen. Especially in sports, lets say you live in Baltimore with not the best situation at home so you look up to football you play for your middle school and look up to the Baltimore Ravens. If you hear that your biggest star ray rice just beat up his girlfriend one of two things can happen one you can think its fine or two get discouraged in football which is your life! Leading that the NFL only suspended hum for TWO games which could easily make you think its fine! Also at home you have no role model to keep you moving on saying its a rare occasion it wont happen again if you and your generation wont let it. Getting us as a community moving in the right path not thinking its fine and doubling the incidents moving us backwards. If it happens we need to know how to deal with it. So it starts with you to move us in the right direction of safety.Image result for tom brady vs ray riceImage result for domestic violence

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