Saturday, October 1, 2016

Domestic Violence/ Athletics

   Domestic violence is violent or aggressive behavior, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or a partner. But in this situation athletes are abusing people/partners. Usually NFL players abuse there wives but domestic violence can happen in any sport. It can also be a girl athlete abusing her husband but it is usually the opposite. A lot of athletes get charged, indicted, or arrested for abusing there partner.  I think that when athletes abuse people/partners the law should be more strict then they are because they are professional sport stars. What I mean by being more strict is that they shouldn't be just getting charged they should also get a worse punishments.

These are some examples of NFL athletes that abuse people or there partners-

  -In 2016-02-05 Montee Ball was charged from Domestic violence because he was accused of disorderly conduct and battery after allegedly striking his girlfriend in the face.

- In 2016-01-30 Johnny Manziel was indicted from domestic violence because his former girlfriend accused him of striking her after  leaving a bar in Dallas.grand injury indicted him on misdemeanor charge in April 2016.

- In 2015-07-20 Justin Cox was Arrested  because he was accused of domestic violence, trespassing and burglary in Mississippi.
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