Monday, October 3, 2016

My opinions on domestic violence with sports players

People who are associated with charges of domestic violence should be fired from their job as a sports player. Sports players are VERY famous. If you say the name “Tom Brady” most people will know who he is. These all stars leave impacts on people, good and bad. Imagine you have a 10 year old child. He loves football. He sees “Greg Hardy” on the news for abusing his ex-girlfriend (this happened in 2014). He may think that since that person is famous, what they did is right or doesn't matter. On the other hand you have an 8 year old daughter. She hears the same thing on the news. She doesn't love sports, but she also has nothing against them. She hears what Greg did and is scared. She doesn't know if all men are like this, or if it's normal. Seeing these “role models” abusing women, children, men, anybody for that matter is scary. It can scar a child, or make them believe that what they did isn't a big deal. Many sports players are left off the hook due to their occupation and how much money they make. There are doctors who save lives that don't earn as much as sports players. The president of the United States of America doesn't earn as much money as these sports players. The soldiers who RISK THEIR LIVES everyday protecting OUR COUNTRY don't make as much as them. And some of them commit crimes. Criminals are earning millions of dollars because they didn't go to jail for what they did. If sports players abuse, they should be put in jail, or get permanent suspension from their jobs. They don't deserve the money they make and should feel sick for not serving time in prison. Stop domestic violence and abuse.

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