Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Drug Abuse By madison Strauss

Drug abuse is a big problem that i'm afraid is growing fast. Lots of different drugs are used around our country but the most popular drugs would be the use of tobacco and alcohol, mainly because they are so easy to get a hold of. You can by beer or anything like that at any corner store same goes for tobacco they are very easy to get and use so they are most commonly used among the people in the united states. Because drugs are used everywhere even sports players use them, but they prefer the drug steroids. Athletes use steroids because they are a performance enhancing drug that helps them with strength and getting in shape which is a form of cheating. But steroids is what athletes prefer. Focusing on the topic of drugs the most dangerous drug in my opinion would be methamphetamine. Methamphetamine also known as meth or crystal meth does vast damage to your body. Meth  causes many things like brain damage, heart damages, aggression, memory loss and it also melts your teeth. Your probably wondering what I mean by melts your teeth well, meth is made with hard chemicals things that you would need to fix cars and machines that's very dangerous to the body when with contact. The materials in meth after a while start to wear down your teeth because those materials are not supposed to go into your body, and just think if it does that to your teeth imagine what is does to the inside of your body?  Then there is the other effects when your look themselves start to fade and everything just falls apart, those are the reasons that i think meth is the most dangerous. Although the people who are addicted can get help there is treatment, and people like therapist to help them. Therapist and family members can really help. Myself personally I have had a loved one who was addicted to cocaine and eventually pasted away  but if she had come to me and said she was addicted I really don't know what I would do. I would I guess be happy she came to me but I would tell my parents to try to get her help. If I were to try and help my loved one I would   try and spend more time with her I would try and help her I would find an activity to keep her busy and happy and lean her away from drugs that's How I would help her. yes drug abuse is a big problem and needs to be fixed and we have to be the generation to end it.

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