Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Future Goals - Logan Roberts

I have always imagined myself graduating high school (Essex Tech), and then going to one of the top notch colleges (such as Harvard or MIT). I've always been interested in programming and development of games. Maybe I'll go as far as create my own company, that might not be that popular, but we would still release games. In the current grade I'm in (8th grade), I'm learning how to programming, and I guess I'm OK at it... Of course these are my dream goals, but will I necessarily reach? Honestly I hope not, sure it's my dream, but if there are no major downfalls in my life, do I even have a life? Life is about the ups and downs, and no matter how much my plans fail, I'll still love programming and gaming in general. Though I feel I have enough creativity that I feel that I can reach my goal, creativity and perseverance. Then again possibly not, I don't know what will happen in the future for me, but I'm OK with that...

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