Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My Future Goals

In my future, I see myself going to Gloucester High School. I thought about going to Essex Technical High School, but it has always been my dream since I was 5, to be a Gloucester Varsity Cheerleader. After high school, my plan is to apply to Nevada State, Boston University, Boston College, Endicott College, and Umass Lowell. I would get my diploma in Criminal Justice. But while I'm going to school I would like to be a cheerleader. These colleges are amazing school, nice schools as well as amazing cheer programs. My thought has always been, cheer until I can't anymore. When that time comes I will become a cheer coach. For a professional sport, I don't really see myself doing that. Maybe after college when I've had a good job for a while, open up my own gym to pursue my dream. So in my future I see myself doing something with criminal justice as a jab, and also being a cheer gym owner and coach.

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