Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I feel that domestic violence in the sports world is out of control and that something should be down to stop it. And my opinion on over payed athletes? I think the amount that they're payed is ridiculous, especially compared to the average pay. They should be payed the same amount as everyone else. Honestly I don't understand why they're payed so much, they just entertain people on tv. I feel that they should be payed around the average amount, definitely not whet they're payed now. Now back to domestic violence. I think that players that commit domestic violence should be permanently banned from the NFL or from what ever sport they play. When Ray Rice beat his girlfriend in the elevator the punishment should have been much more severe. I think he should have had much more of a punishment than being fired from th Ravens and suspended from the NFL. He should have had jail time and should not have been allowed near his girlfriend/current wife again.

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