Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Drug abuse

                                            Drugs abuse

                                                                  By: Luke Walkama

                                    Abusing drugs is a horrible way to relive all of your stress and problems. I think that weed/marijuana is the most commonly used and abused in the united states. A lot of famous actors, singers, and athletes smoke marijuana. This is a big problem because some kids see famous people as role models, and want to do it themselves. Furthermore, famous people set trends that adults follow, too. I feel that this country's most dangerous drug is alcohol. It causes people to act different toward each other and makes them do stupid things. I feel people who addicted to drugs should be treated with love and care, but at the same time, they should know that drug abuse is not treated lightly. If a loved one told me that they were addicted, i'd tell them that I am very disappointed in them. Obviously, I would help them treat their addiction by getting something else to do with their free time, or just reminding them to stop whenever they think about it.

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