Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Drug Abuse

I believe that the most widely used drug in the US is tobacco, because as of 2013 the percentage of smokers in the US was 17.8. But in sports I'm almost certain that steroids are the most used drugs, because steroids are used to enhance your performance in most activities. As for the most dangerous drug, I believe that crown should be given to tobacco again for, as you probably remember, 17.8 percent of people were smoking, and smoking causes such things as lung cancer. I believe that people that are addicted to drugs should go to one of those hospitals were they help them stop their addiction, or that people around them should have an intervention. If one of my loved ones said they were addicted to a drug, well I'll do the same thing, get them in one of those hospitals, and or have an intervention. I would support them by, if they ever asked for any more help I would do just that to my absolute best ability.
So that's basically my thoughts on drug abuse, of course I am no professional, but I do try my best to be!

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