Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Drug Abuse- Cameron Muniz

The most widely abused drug in the United States is marijuana. This is because it is not taken seriously. It is a gateway drug. Lots of people think that it is ok if you just try it once but, it just takes that one time to get addicted to drugs. 62% of people who first tried marijuana when they were 15-26 years old went tried cocaine at come point in their lives. Over 94 million United States citizen admitted use of marijuana. Also, Marijuana is widely seen as not a big deal in the media. Lots of celebrities use this drug and it makes others think that if they do it, I can do it too. It is a very dangerous drug that is used widely throughout the United States.

In sports, the most commonly used drug in sports are pain killers. For the most part, this drug is used mostly used in football. This is because there is lots of painful hits in football at any position. Having a 250+ lbs linebacker tackle you when running at full speed must hurt a lot. As a matter of fact, lots of NFL players like Marchawn Lynch and Arian Foster have both retired before they were thirty. Also, former NFL wide receiver Calvin Johnson says "The team doctors and trainers were handing them out like candy, you know?"

In this country, the most dangerous drug is tobacco. This is because it takes many live per year. The leading cause of death in America is heart disease. Tobacco is most commonly smoked in cigarettes that cause lung and heart disease. Also, tobacco can be known as a gateway drug. Someone who smokes cigarettes may think that smoking marijuana is harmless too. Then they move on to smoking more and more harmful drugs like cocaine an heroin.

If someone I was close to told me that they were a drug addict. I would immediately seek help for them. I would go to the police office and tell them about my loved one's drug problem. Then, they would tell me what to do from there. Also at the police office, they have the Angel program. This program immediately seeks help for them and takes away all of their drugs but, they do not get in trouble. It saves lives.

In order to support this loved one, I would support them in their decision to tell me. Also, I would assist them by being someone that they can talk to. It is very hard to recover from an addiction, everyone who does need support from a loved one. Furthermore, to support this person, I would not treat them any differently than before I knew that they are an addict. This would help remind them that everything is okay.

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