Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Drug abuse

Drugs are always a sensitive topic to people. They destroy people lives, the people that love them may stop caring, and they can get in very deep trouble for doing it. Drugs are commonly used in the U.S. I feel that the most common drug used in the U.S is cannabis (marijuana). I feel that this is most commonly used for many reasons. One is because it is starting to become legal in some states. If marijuana becomes legal, many people will want to use it, and they will be allowed to do so. Another reason is because it is very easy to get. Since cannabis is a leaf, you can grow it. That means you will have more, and more, and more of it. It is plentiful. Another reason is because it doesn't harm you as much as other drugs do. Cannabis is way less effective than black tar heroin. In sports, the most common drug is anabolic steroids. Steroids get your adrenaline running and make your muscles bigger. While playing a sport you want to get pumped up and ready for your game. With steroids, they give you energy and make you do things quicker. The most dangerous drug in the U.S is Crystal methamphetamine. This drug is INSANE and does crazy things to your body. It melts your teeth, skin, etc. Your kidneys will have permanent failure, breathing problems, depression... After crystal methamphetamine people look MELTED, miserable, and kind of scary. If people are addicted to drugs and WANT help, or even if they don't, they should see treatment centers or places that help get rid of your addiction. People that take drugs no matter how insane will someday regret it. They are ruining their body, their youth, their life. If a loved one came to me and asked for help I would thank them for telling me, because some people don't. After that, I would look into seeing the nearby treatment centers and scheduling an appointment. I would also look into getting that person into therapy, to help with their mental issues or other things they aren't comfortable telling me yet. I know the addiction won't stop right away, but you always have to try and hope or pray that it works. I would always support them and give them the love and care they need. Where I draw the line is if they use after three tries of me trying to help them. After that I would not know what to do. But I hope that situation never hits me. Below are pictures of people after methamphetamine, cannabis, and people on steroids.
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