Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Drug Abuse

I think the mostly used drug is heroin because on the news it is marijuana because it his easy to get and it is cheap. In the sports world the most used drug is HGH which is short for Human Growth Hormone and it makes your body big like Barry bonds after his first year he came back bigger than ever. The most world wide drug would be heroin because on the news you hear that somebody over dosed.People that are on drugs should get help because they are ruin there life. They could get help and be with there family. They could get help before it is to late.People that are addicted on drugs can be mean because they could becoming off there high and be mad and mean. If one of my loved one said they were addicted  to drugs I would make them get help before it is to late. I would tell them hat they are hurting themselves and the family will fall apart

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