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Drug Abuse

According to the most used drug is either marijuana or non-medical drugs. In my opinion the reason why marijuana is the most used drug is because it´s the easiest to get. There could be kids in your grade, or even your friends that sell that drug and you didn´t even know it. In sports the drug that is heard the most would probably be steroids. Steroids are used to build up muscle, and when athletes use this drug, it´s not good for them because they are artificially building your muscles which isn´t good. Some people when they think of steroids they think that they are good for you because it increases your muscle mass, but that is not what they do at all, they are not good for you whatsoever. The top three of the most dangerous drugs would be crystal meth, heroin, or cocaine. In my opinion crystal meth is the most dangerous because when doing meth you hallucinate. There was a story my health teacher Mr.Epple told my class, it was a very strong story. It was about a teenager that bought some marijuana was laced with meth and he did not know at the time. After he had smoked it, he was hallucinating. When he got home he ¨saw¨ a vine growing around his mother´s neck. Oh by the way, this teen and his mother had a great relationship. So when he was seeing those vines his first reaction was to try and help his mother. He tried to rip the vines of his mother´s neck, but there were no vines around her neck. So in the end he ended up killing his mother. That´s why I think that Meth is the most dangerous drug in the country. If people are addicted to drugs the reason why they should get help is only because everyone deserves to live a normal life and live they life they wanted before they started doing drugs. If your life is bad enough to do drugs then therapy is what is needed. Most people use the excuse saying that they do not have enough money for therapy, but it makes no sense because you have enough money for drugs that are not needed. Addicts use the excuse of saying that they have no money for anything anymore and that is why most addicts are homeless, but think about it, if you save up all of your money and stop buying drugs, you would not need to be homeless. If a loved one came to me saying that they were addicts, I would first be mad but then would get over it. After that were to happen, the next step would be to get them help even if it was not wanted. That loved one would have no choice other than to get that help. When I was one my grandfather was an alcoholic, it ended up getting really bad, my mom told him one day that if he did not get help he would never see me again. They did not talk for two days until he called her saying he would like her to drive him to rehab. I think of that every time I do a drug related project because it reminds me that you do have a choice if you are an addict, you do have a choice to get help, nothing is stopping you.

Drug Abuse- Cameron Muniz

The most widely abused drug in the United States is marijuana. This is because it is not taken seriously. It is a gateway drug. Lots of people think that it is ok if you just try it once but, it just takes that one time to get addicted to drugs. 62% of people who first tried marijuana when they were 15-26 years old went tried cocaine at come point in their lives. Over 94 million United States citizen admitted use of marijuana. Also, Marijuana is widely seen as not a big deal in the media. Lots of celebrities use this drug and it makes others think that if they do it, I can do it too. It is a very dangerous drug that is used widely throughout the United States.

In sports, the most commonly used drug in sports are pain killers. For the most part, this drug is used mostly used in football. This is because there is lots of painful hits in football at any position. Having a 250+ lbs linebacker tackle you when running at full speed must hurt a lot. As a matter of fact, lots of NFL players like Marchawn Lynch and Arian Foster have both retired before they were thirty. Also, former NFL wide receiver Calvin Johnson says "The team doctors and trainers were handing them out like candy, you know?"

In this country, the most dangerous drug is tobacco. This is because it takes many live per year. The leading cause of death in America is heart disease. Tobacco is most commonly smoked in cigarettes that cause lung and heart disease. Also, tobacco can be known as a gateway drug. Someone who smokes cigarettes may think that smoking marijuana is harmless too. Then they move on to smoking more and more harmful drugs like cocaine an heroin.

If someone I was close to told me that they were a drug addict. I would immediately seek help for them. I would go to the police office and tell them about my loved one's drug problem. Then, they would tell me what to do from there. Also at the police office, they have the Angel program. This program immediately seeks help for them and takes away all of their drugs but, they do not get in trouble. It saves lives.

In order to support this loved one, I would support them in their decision to tell me. Also, I would assist them by being someone that they can talk to. It is very hard to recover from an addiction, everyone who does need support from a loved one. Furthermore, to support this person, I would not treat them any differently than before I knew that they are an addict. This would help remind them that everything is okay.

Drugs - BradyLattanzi

      Drugs are bad as we all know, but some are worse than others for example in the US some might be used more than some in China. The most used drug in the US is tobacco or nicotine.. over 40 million people use tobacco. Than if you want to scale it down to community or organization like sports for example. In sports you can use them for different reasons like to get better, stress relief, or just because there addicted. The thing is some states don't ban some drugs but, in sports you can get fined, banned, or not be able to play a again. So if your smart you'll stop but some still take them, I personally think that the biggest thing is steroids they're ruining the game. They're also ruining them selves... it kills you.
        ( resonings for what is the most dangerous drug. Krokodil is the most dangerous drug and most people pick this drug over heroin because it costs less. which will attract more people, also very easy to retrieve. It is made up of mostly home found ingredients so cooking videos will know include those.
       People should go to centers to help them stop,.. ask a family member or someone you trust help and they can look for places or if they have had gone through it they might know.
      You should be kind and nice about the whole situation and go through the process slowly. This is how people can help, what is the most dangerous, and what is most found in sports.

Drug abuse

Drugs are always a sensitive topic to people. They destroy people lives, the people that love them may stop caring, and they can get in very deep trouble for doing it. Drugs are commonly used in the U.S. I feel that the most common drug used in the U.S is cannabis (marijuana). I feel that this is most commonly used for many reasons. One is because it is starting to become legal in some states. If marijuana becomes legal, many people will want to use it, and they will be allowed to do so. Another reason is because it is very easy to get. Since cannabis is a leaf, you can grow it. That means you will have more, and more, and more of it. It is plentiful. Another reason is because it doesn't harm you as much as other drugs do. Cannabis is way less effective than black tar heroin. In sports, the most common drug is anabolic steroids. Steroids get your adrenaline running and make your muscles bigger. While playing a sport you want to get pumped up and ready for your game. With steroids, they give you energy and make you do things quicker. The most dangerous drug in the U.S is Crystal methamphetamine. This drug is INSANE and does crazy things to your body. It melts your teeth, skin, etc. Your kidneys will have permanent failure, breathing problems, depression... After crystal methamphetamine people look MELTED, miserable, and kind of scary. If people are addicted to drugs and WANT help, or even if they don't, they should see treatment centers or places that help get rid of your addiction. People that take drugs no matter how insane will someday regret it. They are ruining their body, their youth, their life. If a loved one came to me and asked for help I would thank them for telling me, because some people don't. After that, I would look into seeing the nearby treatment centers and scheduling an appointment. I would also look into getting that person into therapy, to help with their mental issues or other things they aren't comfortable telling me yet. I know the addiction won't stop right away, but you always have to try and hope or pray that it works. I would always support them and give them the love and care they need. Where I draw the line is if they use after three tries of me trying to help them. After that I would not know what to do. But I hope that situation never hits me. Below are pictures of people after methamphetamine, cannabis, and people on steroids.
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Drug Abuse

              I believe the most abused drug in this country is marijuana because I think people think they can get away with smoking it. In sports if an athlete takes a drug it is usually steroids, they take these drugs because they are performance enhancing drugs so they can play better. The most dangerous drug in my opinion is the zombie drug (bath salts) because they are a hallucinate drug and they can make you a cannibalistic. If someone is addicted to a drug they should go to rehab to get help or they could go to Gloucester police department give up their drugs and do the angel program. If a love one told me they were addicted to drugs I would help pay for their rehab but if they refused my help I would have to choice but to disconnect them from my life.

Drug Abuse By madison Strauss

Drug abuse is a big problem that i'm afraid is growing fast. Lots of different drugs are used around our country but the most popular drugs would be the use of tobacco and alcohol, mainly because they are so easy to get a hold of. You can by beer or anything like that at any corner store same goes for tobacco they are very easy to get and use so they are most commonly used among the people in the united states. Because drugs are used everywhere even sports players use them, but they prefer the drug steroids. Athletes use steroids because they are a performance enhancing drug that helps them with strength and getting in shape which is a form of cheating. But steroids is what athletes prefer. Focusing on the topic of drugs the most dangerous drug in my opinion would be methamphetamine. Methamphetamine also known as meth or crystal meth does vast damage to your body. Meth  causes many things like brain damage, heart damages, aggression, memory loss and it also melts your teeth. Your probably wondering what I mean by melts your teeth well, meth is made with hard chemicals things that you would need to fix cars and machines that's very dangerous to the body when with contact. The materials in meth after a while start to wear down your teeth because those materials are not supposed to go into your body, and just think if it does that to your teeth imagine what is does to the inside of your body?  Then there is the other effects when your look themselves start to fade and everything just falls apart, those are the reasons that i think meth is the most dangerous. Although the people who are addicted can get help there is treatment, and people like therapist to help them. Therapist and family members can really help. Myself personally I have had a loved one who was addicted to cocaine and eventually pasted away  but if she had come to me and said she was addicted I really don't know what I would do. I would I guess be happy she came to me but I would tell my parents to try to get her help. If I were to try and help my loved one I would   try and spend more time with her I would try and help her I would find an activity to keep her busy and happy and lean her away from drugs that's How I would help her. yes drug abuse is a big problem and needs to be fixed and we have to be the generation to end it.

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Drug abuse

                                            Drugs abuse

                                                                  By: Luke Walkama

                                    Abusing drugs is a horrible way to relive all of your stress and problems. I think that weed/marijuana is the most commonly used and abused in the united states. A lot of famous actors, singers, and athletes smoke marijuana. This is a big problem because some kids see famous people as role models, and want to do it themselves. Furthermore, famous people set trends that adults follow, too. I feel that this country's most dangerous drug is alcohol. It causes people to act different toward each other and makes them do stupid things. I feel people who addicted to drugs should be treated with love and care, but at the same time, they should know that drug abuse is not treated lightly. If a loved one told me that they were addicted, i'd tell them that I am very disappointed in them. Obviously, I would help them treat their addiction by getting something else to do with their free time, or just reminding them to stop whenever they think about it.

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Drug abuse

I would say that marijuana is the most abused drug in the U.S. mainly because so many people grow it and sell it. In sports it's anabolic steroids mainly because of what it does. Heroin is the U.S.'s most dangerous drug, mostly because of its amount of effects it can cause, and the amount of people who died from overdosing. People who are addicted to drugs should tell their doctor and go to a drug rehabilitation center. I would have gotten help for them, and supported them the whole time.
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Drug Abuse

I don't think people should use drugs because they slowly kill you. Like tobacco people smoke because it calms them down. I know that because whenever someone in my family smokes when they are stressed they calm down.Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 known cancer-causing (carcinogenic) compounds and 400 other toxins. These cigarette ingredients include nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide, as well as formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, and DDT. Nicotine is highly addictive. A smokers lungs look like this Image result for smokers lungs  A healthy pair of lung looks like this Image result for healthy lungs