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I think that athletes that take PED should be striped of there old records. i don't think that its fair for players to use any drugs and be considered the best i think if athletes that are caught with using PED should get a suspension for 30 games but if you continue to use PED you should be expeled from all natinol leags and the Olympics.


       Using steroids is just hurting you, There's no point if you know it kills u slowly and makes a unreal player. But if you do decide to take them you must know what the consequences could be. Do I think players who take them should have there records taken away from them? Yes, its unfair its like having the best football team in the world play the browns. How will we know if they would do that good without steroids, they should never be considered the greatest or have records. For a punishment though, if you use them once you should miss half of a season if you do it twice you should miss one whole season. One professional athlete that has used PED that has surprised me is Derrick Rose. He is a great athlete and figuring out that he has a PED problem is crazy. THIs is how I feel and my stand on P.E.D.

                              Performance Enhancing Drugs

                            Performance enhancing drugs or PEDs are a real problem in the professional athletics community. Many athletes take steroids that are ILLEGAL in professional sports. Steroids can be seen as a shortcut to get in a record books, while regular athletes go to the gym and train for records. If an athlete has been known to take steroids, they should have all of their records removed that they achieved when they were on the drug. For the second question, I feel that being called the best is a matter of opinion, because they could have been good before steroids. An appropriate punishments for athletes who take steroids is a fine, a suspension, and a removal of records. One athlete that took steroids was Julius Peppers. It was surprising because he won rookie of the year, then was tested positive as a rookie. In baseball, there was a new law that suspended you 50 days for the first affence, 100 for the second offence, and a lifetime ban for the third. In the NFL, it is 6 games without playing, without pay. Second afence is 10 games, and a third offence is 2 years

Performance Enhancing Drugs

It isn't fair when athletes get called the best, when taking steroids. Technically, they aren't the best, they're on drugs. Performance enhancing drugs is exactly what is sounds like, drugs that make you have bigger muscles, and better at what you do. Any athlete who has used steroids should be stripped of their records, only because knowingly, that was not their best. An appropriate punishment would be to either be suspended, or get kicked off depending on how bad or how long the athlete has been taking these drugs. So, the longer the athlete was taking drugs, the longer the punishment is, and if it came down to it, they would get kicked off the team. AN athlete should not be considered the best, neither should the coaches just let it slide if their athlete is on drugs to enhance their performance. Ryan Braun, who played as a fielder and third baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers, failed a testosterone test in 2011. This shocks me because this athlete had so much going for him. This athlete was on a professional baseball team, decided to take P.E.D drugs, and got a 65 game suspension for what he had done. In an interview he had expressed that he was ashamed, but he made that choice to take drugs, Ryan could’ve prevented it. Athletes who are on P.E.D drugs should not be considered the best, and should always get some kind of punishment or consequence.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


    If an athlete is taking performance enhancing drugs they should get there records taking away and have big punishments. Athletes should get there records stripped from them because taking steroids is cheating. They should not still be called the best after taking those drugs. Athletes that use these drugs should get a punishment. I think they should either get there records taken away, medals taken away, charges, suspension, or kicked off the team. Marion Jones was the first woman to win five medals at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. The track superstar eventually tested positive for performance enhancing drugs but was later cleared by a follow up test. In 2007, she admitted to using banned substances and returned her Olympic medals.  She was guilty to federal charges, and then was sentenced to six months in prison and two years of probation. I was surprised that she was taking steroids because I watched a couple of videos of her in the same Olympics and she looked natural.   

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         All around the world there are people who play sports that use P.E.D. they are cheaters that in my opinion should be thrown in jail and never be able to play professional sports again. Also if people are caught using P.E.D. then all of their records should be eradicated. Really the biggest problems with them is first of all they are drugs and they are illegal. Instead of one person that shocked me when I found out they used P.E.D. I would like to say the whole 100 Russian athletes that used P.E.D.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

         I believe that when it comes to sports and performance enhancing drugs that no matter what player or what sport it is they should be stripped of their records for cheating to get them. Cheating to get a better record in sports is just as bad as cheating to get a better grade in school. When a student cheats at school the teacher takes away their work and makes them do it over again without keeping the grade so why should a player get to keep his record and name as the best.
       I think that the athletes that use performance enhancing drugs should definitely get a punishment such as losing their record and be suspended from the game until there has been a final decision on what to do with that specific player. For example one athlete who has used steroids is Lance Armstrong, a professional road racing cyclist, who used steroids to win multiple races. This surprised me because I never thought of the different ways and reasons to use steroids.
       There are many people who might disagree with me but this is just one opinion, my opinion, on the use of performance enhancing drugs in sports.
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People should be stripped of their records if they use steroids more than once. If a sports player uses steroids, they should be suspended from the team, but given a warning to not do it again. Most sports players would listen to that warning, but if some didn't, there records should be stripped and they should be kicked off whatever team they play on. Many sports players don't think of what could happen to them if they did steroids, and should be given a chance to stop cheating. I consider steroids cheating because many, many people eat healthy, work out daily, and work amazingly hard, then there is the other people that don't have to do those things because they are using a liquid/pill/powder to enhance their muscle growth unnaturally. Steroids are ILLEGAL. Sports players are not only cheating, but going against the law as well. Many sports players have insane records on natural strength and talent. Someone who used a pill to grow their muscles that gets a higher score than them should have their records stripped. That isn't the person who got those records. It's the steroids. It is unfair for one to be considered "the best" if they are using steroids. They are using chemicals to boost themselves, unfair. An athlete who used steroids that surprised EVERYONE was Lance Armstrong. Lance Armstrong is a bicyclist who used steroids throughout his career to make him faster and more muscular. He considered it cheating. Many sports don't punish their players hard enough for using steroids. Many get suspended, but rarely any are stripped from their record or put in jail. Many are also fined.
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I think the person who used drugs to help them accomplish a milestone or record should be stripped of the record they achieved. I dont think it is fair for athletes who took steroids to be considered the best. they cheated to get to the place they are now. All the other hard working people who arent using the steroids are pushing it get to where the cheater or steroid user has already got to with ease. people who use steroids should be punished with a fine and suspension from that sport. In baseball if you get caught with drugs you miss a little over 1/3 of the season instead of a little over a week. In the NFL if you get caught using PED you will be suspended for 2 games without pay. Second offense is 10 game suspension that carries over a seasons if there isn't enough games left. Players who are caught for the 3rd time are suspended for 2 seasons.
An example of someone who used drugs is Julius Peppers. he was suspended for the first 4 games. I was surprised by this because he was the rookie of the year and is an outstanding player.
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Image result for lawrence taylor wallpaperI think Lawrence Taylor should not be stripped of his super bowl rings because he was the best at what he did. It matters what sport because in football it is a sport where you hit someone but in baseball it is not so much contact. I think they should have a certain amount of games.

Steroids in Sports

Steroids are a form of cheating, which is a rule in sports you cant cheat. Any player who uses steroids should be thrown off the team and not be allowed to return to the team. For one its not fair to have an advantage over the other players as big as that plus its terrible for your health. If steroids were allowed athletes would eventually die because of the use of steroids. If a athlete uses steroids and breaks records and goes in the hall of fame it should be taken down because they didn't work for it and dont deserve it. Their was no work put into it. A athlete that I was surprised was Alex Rodriguez. I didn't think someone with that good a record and a all around good personality like that would do steroids.


     Many professional athletes have used P.E.D or most commonly used is steroids. Steroids increase your stamina, muscle mass, strength, and etc. Professional athletes who have made world records, have used steroids to achieve them should be stripped of their titles. Their world record should be revoked because they didn't use their own abilities to achieve the world record.
     Professional athletes who use steroids can't call themselves the best because they aren't using their own skill.
      Steroid use of professional athletes is an illegal act and which could result into a large fine or jail time. A punishment appropriate for the use of steroids should would be permanently banning them from participating in professional sports.
     When I found out Arnold Schwarzenegger used steroid I was very surprised. I thought he gained all of his muscle by himself. He eventually admitted to taking steroids.


     San Francisco's own Melky Cabrera has a 50 game suspension after testing positive for testosterone. Yes they should be stripped knowing that he is taking testosterone. Athletes like Melky Cabrera should not be known as much as they were after taking steroids, after all Steroids are illegal in professional sports. An appropriate punishment for sports players who are tested taking steroids should be multiple games suspended like Melky a 50 game suspension is very appropriate. Ivan Rodriguez used P.E.D.S. which was very surprising to me because all my friends use to talk about him and he was such a good player until he was tested using steroids.

PEDs and Steroids

If an athlete takes steroids, he or she should be punished. If it is known for sure that they were cheating, their records should be stripped. They still should be able to play the sport but, they should be forced to have a fresh start statistics-wise. They do not deserve their records if they cheated. It takes away the hard work aspect of the sport. If you could take steroids, everyone could be a professional athlete. They should no longer be considered the best. After they are convicted of taking steroids, they should go to rehab until they are clean. They can then return to the sport. One example of an athlete who took steroids is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is a body builder who took steroids. This isn't just speculation. He admired it in an interview. This surprised me because it seems like in body building, there would be lots of drug tests, even when he lifted. I am surprised that he never got caught. There are lots of punishments for people who have done PEDs. In most sports, if you are caught doing PEDs, you will get suspended for numerous games. For example, Alex Rodriguez got suspended for the entire 2014 season. I believe that most other sports should follow suit with whole-season extensions.

Lance Armstrong

           Lance Armstrong was a racer that was stripped of the seven Tour de France because admitted that he used steroids. It was right they stripped him because it's not right to cheat and get caught cheating then there is no consequence. Its not right that people think its fair to cheat using steroids. I think every athlete that has used steroids to cheat should be stripped of their winnings, so they don't have anything left going for them. 


People should be stripped of their records if they used performance enhancing drugs to get it. People should not be considered the best if they used drugs to get to the top. If athletes use PED then they should be suspended for a few games or even the year. Alex Rodriguez was a player who used PED but i wasn't suprised because i have no idea who he is.

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Performance Enhancing Drugs

Yes, if someone used performance enhancing drugs while playing sports their records should be completely stripped and should not be considered the best. I think that athletes that use PEDs should be suspended from whatever they are playing, and if they continue then they should be kicked off their team. I'm not interested in sports so I don't know many athletes anyway, but I was surprised that around 30% of athletes use performance enhancing drugs.

Performance Enhancing Drugs

I believe that if somebody uses drugs to enhance their ability then they should be kicked off the team. This is especially true if you're in competitive whatnot. If the other players on your team were all trying their best to become stronger, while the other guy is getting more buff faster by abusing drugs. This of course is something I really don't care about, and it's kind of funny to me when people are saying to me "such and such was booted from the team for using drugs," take that sports lovers... Yeah well that last sentence was true, but that's yet again my biased opinion...
I like this picture...


I believe that if any famous athlete takes drugs enhancers, then they should be stripped of the great records that they accomplished. They shouldn't be called the best if they did it when on any drug. It isn't even right. The athletes should be punished by not playing in the sport ever again. A big player in baseball for the Yankees who used Ped's was Alex Rodriugues and I never thought he would.
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Performance Enhancing Drugs

              If an athlete takes performance enhancing drugs and/or steroids there should be major consequences. An athletes records should be stripped from them until they are off the drugs and set new records. They should not be considered the best because it wasn't really them, but the drugs playing. Once they are found out they should be at least suspended and fined if the case is bad enough. For example, Lance Armstrong took PED's to win the Tour De France multiple times. He lost all his records and it surprised me because he seemed to do it so naturally
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Performance Enhancing Drugs, Athletes and Records

Performance Enhancing Drugs Influence on Athletes’ Records

Many athletes have taken performance enhancing drugs, or steroids, throughout their career. For example, Barry Bonds has hit the most home runs by a player ever. However, he took steroids to help him do so.

Should he/ she be stripped of these records knowing that they cheated?

Is it fair for athletes to take steroids and still  be considered the best?

What do you think should happen to athletes who use P.E.D.s? What punishment is appropriate?

Give an example of one athlete, who used P.E.D.'s that surprised you? Why?

How do different sports punish athletes that use PEDS?

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Grades and Sports

Grades and sports are topics that are takes seriously throughout the United States. In places like O'Malley, if you are failing a certain number of classes, you do not get to participate in sports. I completely agree with this idea. If you are not putting in as much effort in school that you are in sports, you should not be able to participate. School is more important than athletics. For example, two exceptional basketball players get drafted into the NBA. However, they both have career ending injuries and cannot play anymore. They will both have different futures because one athlete went to college and got his degree while the other athlete only went to college for one year. The athlete who got his degree will have a better future than the athlete who only went for one. Furthermore, it should not matter how good you are at the sport, if you are not preforming well in school, you will not be preforming on the field until you get your grades up.