Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Grades and Sports

If you were to get bad grades in sports I dont think you should get kicked off the team, a warning in then a suspension should do it. If the person continuously gets bad grades and doesn't listen to the warnings of from the coach or whoever about the bad grades then yes getting expelled should be kicked off. Its to a certain extent but to expel or suspend them right away isn't fair, you have to give them a chance to fix the problem. As for just a person who doesn't play sports but gets bad grades there should be some type of punishment not expelling but something. But again it all depends on the grades themselves if someone just sits at their desk and chooses not to work and puts in no effort at all into school and their  grades shot that there should be something like we have at our school a mandatory extended day a hour after school to make up work if they failed a class. Only should be a punishment if they failed though. If you dont play sports you should still get a type of punishment like no extra curricular activities from the school or doing any type of club with the school, this is just like the punishment for sports player its a temporary suspension for something in the school. Those seem fair.
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