Wednesday, January 18, 2017


People should be stripped of their records if they use steroids more than once. If a sports player uses steroids, they should be suspended from the team, but given a warning to not do it again. Most sports players would listen to that warning, but if some didn't, there records should be stripped and they should be kicked off whatever team they play on. Many sports players don't think of what could happen to them if they did steroids, and should be given a chance to stop cheating. I consider steroids cheating because many, many people eat healthy, work out daily, and work amazingly hard, then there is the other people that don't have to do those things because they are using a liquid/pill/powder to enhance their muscle growth unnaturally. Steroids are ILLEGAL. Sports players are not only cheating, but going against the law as well. Many sports players have insane records on natural strength and talent. Someone who used a pill to grow their muscles that gets a higher score than them should have their records stripped. That isn't the person who got those records. It's the steroids. It is unfair for one to be considered "the best" if they are using steroids. They are using chemicals to boost themselves, unfair. An athlete who used steroids that surprised EVERYONE was Lance Armstrong. Lance Armstrong is a bicyclist who used steroids throughout his career to make him faster and more muscular. He considered it cheating. Many sports don't punish their players hard enough for using steroids. Many get suspended, but rarely any are stripped from their record or put in jail. Many are also fined.
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