Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Performance Enhancing Drugs

It isn't fair when athletes get called the best, when taking steroids. Technically, they aren't the best, they're on drugs. Performance enhancing drugs is exactly what is sounds like, drugs that make you have bigger muscles, and better at what you do. Any athlete who has used steroids should be stripped of their records, only because knowingly, that was not their best. An appropriate punishment would be to either be suspended, or get kicked off depending on how bad or how long the athlete has been taking these drugs. So, the longer the athlete was taking drugs, the longer the punishment is, and if it came down to it, they would get kicked off the team. AN athlete should not be considered the best, neither should the coaches just let it slide if their athlete is on drugs to enhance their performance. Ryan Braun, who played as a fielder and third baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers, failed a testosterone test in 2011. This shocks me because this athlete had so much going for him. This athlete was on a professional baseball team, decided to take P.E.D drugs, and got a 65 game suspension for what he had done. In an interview he had expressed that he was ashamed, but he made that choice to take drugs, Ryan could’ve prevented it. Athletes who are on P.E.D drugs should not be considered the best, and should always get some kind of punishment or consequence.

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