Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Grades and Sports

Grades and sports are topics that are takes seriously throughout the United States. In places like O'Malley, if you are failing a certain number of classes, you do not get to participate in sports. I completely agree with this idea. If you are not putting in as much effort in school that you are in sports, you should not be able to participate. School is more important than athletics. For example, two exceptional basketball players get drafted into the NBA. However, they both have career ending injuries and cannot play anymore. They will both have different futures because one athlete went to college and got his degree while the other athlete only went to college for one year. The athlete who got his degree will have a better future than the athlete who only went for one. Furthermore, it should not matter how good you are at the sport, if you are not preforming well in school, you will not be preforming on the field until you get your grades up.

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