Wednesday, January 18, 2017

PEDs and Steroids

If an athlete takes steroids, he or she should be punished. If it is known for sure that they were cheating, their records should be stripped. They still should be able to play the sport but, they should be forced to have a fresh start statistics-wise. They do not deserve their records if they cheated. It takes away the hard work aspect of the sport. If you could take steroids, everyone could be a professional athlete. They should no longer be considered the best. After they are convicted of taking steroids, they should go to rehab until they are clean. They can then return to the sport. One example of an athlete who took steroids is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is a body builder who took steroids. This isn't just speculation. He admired it in an interview. This surprised me because it seems like in body building, there would be lots of drug tests, even when he lifted. I am surprised that he never got caught. There are lots of punishments for people who have done PEDs. In most sports, if you are caught doing PEDs, you will get suspended for numerous games. For example, Alex Rodriguez got suspended for the entire 2014 season. I believe that most other sports should follow suit with whole-season extensions.

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