Wednesday, January 25, 2017

                              Performance Enhancing Drugs

                            Performance enhancing drugs or PEDs are a real problem in the professional athletics community. Many athletes take steroids that are ILLEGAL in professional sports. Steroids can be seen as a shortcut to get in a record books, while regular athletes go to the gym and train for records. If an athlete has been known to take steroids, they should have all of their records removed that they achieved when they were on the drug. For the second question, I feel that being called the best is a matter of opinion, because they could have been good before steroids. An appropriate punishments for athletes who take steroids is a fine, a suspension, and a removal of records. One athlete that took steroids was Julius Peppers. It was surprising because he won rookie of the year, then was tested positive as a rookie. In baseball, there was a new law that suspended you 50 days for the first affence, 100 for the second offence, and a lifetime ban for the third. In the NFL, it is 6 games without playing, without pay. Second afence is 10 games, and a third offence is 2 years

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