Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Grades and Sports

I agree that grades are very important, but if a student is doing their best then they shouldn't get a punishment. If a student is playing sports, but is failing there must be a reason, unless they are careless. At the high school in Gloucester if you fail at least one class you are on athletic suspension until the next report card comes out. I get the reason why that rule is always enforced, if you can't handle your school work then you shouldn't be able to handle sports. That isn't always the answer, some students are trying their absolute hardest, but the curriculum is just to hard. There are also some student who have an I.E.P (individualized education program, which mean you get extra help) that are failing classes, which should never happen, in that case, it isn't their fault.
There should be a punishment in school for getting bad grades, for a specific reason, also to some extent. Going along with the I.E.P or the curriculum, it isn't the student's fault exactly. But, if a student is just being careless and the teacher notices that, then there should be some kind of punishment. The appropriate punishment would be staying after school as much as needed, until you pass that class. If a student plays sports and is failing classes, and is because of carelessness, then they should have some kind of punishment like a suspension. In addition, if a student is failing a class, again, because they are not getting the help they are promised, it isn't really their fault. They were promised extra help, and haven't gotten what they were promised and that stinks for that student. There should be a punishment for failing classes, but only for a logical reason, and if that student isn't just being careless.

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