Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Poor grades and sports

If a student has poor grades they should get a punishment. If a student fails a class, they should be suspended for a couple of weeks, as a warning for them to pick up their grades. They should not be immediately removed, because that is unfair. They wouldn't be able to pick their grade up. By suspension, they will be able to spend more time on their classwork, while staying on the team. Another reason suspending is a good punishment is because suspension is also warning them about college. In college, if you have poor grades, you can get kicked out of the college that they paid lots of money for. After the suspension, if the person's grades don't pick up, they shall then be suspended from the team. If the student doesn't care, the school isn't going to care. There will be another kid who will work just as hard as that student did, and keep their grades up. By suspended the kid, they will get a reality check and try to keep their grades up. Or, they won't. But that is there choice.Image result for poor grades and sportsImage result for poor grades and sports

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