Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Grades and Sports

   I think that students in school should get suspended for a couple of games and then kicked of the team if they don't raise their grades. If they want to be on a sports team they need good grades because in my opinion school comes first. And if you want to get into a college for a sport you will need good grades anyways to get in. If a coach tells a student that they don't have good grades and you need to make them better in a couple of weeks or your going to get kicked of at first the kids should get suspend for a couple of games. But then after a couple of weeks if the student still doesn't have the grades that the coach wants then the student needs to get kicked off. And then another student that wants to play can join. I think that students should only get punished if they sit at there desks and do nothing. They should have to stay after and make up the work. But if a kid has not so good grades but is trying hard they should not get a punishment. But my strong opinion on the punishment for the bad grades is that it is not really up to the school to punish the student because if the kid doesn't want to do work it is there fault so it should be up to the parent to punish them or the student to start working harder.

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