Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Grades Before Games

            We all know that when it comes to sports it's easily one of the most important things to people, but is it more important than your education? When it comes to sports and grades there is one rule every player knows, keep your grades up, because if you don't you might not get back in the game for a while. Is this to strict or just the right punishment for bad grades? For a long time there have been mixed emotions about this topic.
             In my opinion I agree with this punishment because education should always come before sports. I'm not saying they should immediately be punished but if their grades are slipping they should get a warning. The teachers and coaches can take action if this student's grades continue to slip. Students should work to get good grades anyways, not just to play a sport. They should be aiming towards good grades and should be thinking about their future. It's pretty simple, if the students do their part by keeping their grades up they get rewarded with being in another game. It's a Win-Win situation for everyone.

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