Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Musical Emotions: Sadness

Think about it.  What is the soundtrack of your life?  What songs inspire you?  Enrage you?  Comfort you?  Allow you to be yourself?  Release you?  Allow you to cry?  
I could go on, but I think you get the picture.  I want the bloggers and readers to think about the following emotions:

Anger/ Rage








Think about how you deal with each emotion, or a moment in time where you felt this emotion.  What was that moment?  What were you going through?  How old?  
Many deal with life and emotions through music: an artist/ song/ album.  For this post please take each of the emotions listed above (or others, if you want to talk about them) and write a little blurb about each one.  What was your experience with this emotion?  I then would like you to tag a musical piece to the emotion.  At least one song or artist.  Briefly explain why the song/ artist fits with your particular emotion, then please either attach the music video (through a link) or attach a picture that show this song/ artist that is related to the emotion.

READERS and BLOGGERS: This is a multiple week project.  We will tackle one of the emotions each week on our blog.  The posts will reflect the emotion of the week.  Thanks for reading.

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