Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Musical Emotions- Happiness

I'm happy really often, so not many specific times pop up when I try to remember one, but one time that stands out to me because I just did what I did for sadness, is immediately after I moved like how I explained earlier. Now remember, at the time it was the summer before 6th grade, so I decided to look out the window and saw someone I knew in the yard of the house across the street. I won't release their name, even though I'm sure they wouldn't care. I was really happy to see them because I thought that I wouldn't be able to make any friends at my new school. Although it was by pure coincidence that I met them a month after they moved away, that saved me. Thanks to them, I'm now friends with everyone I am friends with, and am here typing this now. And, for some odd reason, the song that comes to mind when I read this is Pompeii. Although its about a disaster that happened in Pompeii itself, it still sounds upbeat and is easy to follow the rhythm in.

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