Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Musical Emotions - Anger

      I usually don't get angry, but I do rage a lot. That also makes my job of finding just one incredibly difficult. So I'll just say that the same thing happens every time, I yell, stomp, etc.

      The song that connects with anger, and would calm me down, also is has some sort of anger attached to it. Don't laugh at me (actually I really don't care)... The Hero - from... uh... One Punch Man. Yes One Punch Man, what did I just say!? It is awesome and just really cool, plus, you know anime. Also it is a freaking super hero that kills enemies in ONE PUNCH!!!

      If you want a normal song, well too bad, this is what you get. If you expect anything better in any other one, you probably are very correct. Later...

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