Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Cameron Muniz- Happiness

One of my favorite songs to listen to when I'm happy is Don't Stop Me Now by Queen. It is one of my favorite songs that is almost guaranteed to put me in a cheery mood. According to a study done by a neuroscientist named Dr. Jacob Jolij says that Don't Stop Me Now by Queen was one of the happiest songs around. Why?  This is because the BPM (beats per minute) is super high. The average BPM of pop songs today is around 118 BPM. The BPM of Don't Stop Me Now by Queen is 156 BPM. Not only is this song scientifically proven to make you feel happy but, the instrumentals such as the guitar make my feel like I'm walking on cloud nine.


  1. Awesome choice! I had no idea that they've done scientific research into why certain songs make you feel happy. Super cool!

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