Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Social media

      Social media is a big parts in peoples lives, most Americans use it every day. Social media can be great if used in correct ways, if not it can be very harmful or hurtful. It can be negative to some people by saying mean thing or direct mean comments to themselves. You don't know how they'll will react, some people can get offended very easy. In a good way is they can say direct comments that are compliments and it can make there day. Social media in all i think is good i use it a good amount nut i'm still cautious to not run in to bad things. People that use it to much can not rely on social media.
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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

How does social media affect people's lives

     Social media has a major affect on people's lives all around the world. Wherever you go, there is somebody on their phone, most likely on Twitter, Instagram, Vine, etc. These are some of the main social medias that people use. Social media can affect people's lives in a positive and negative influence. In a positive way, you can raise awareness about diseases and bad things that are happening in the world to leave a positive influence and/or help somebody out (creating go fund-mes, etc). It is also good because many people are able to talk to people that they look up to or admire (because they aren't able to see them in person). Social media can just be a fun thing to have because you are able to communicate with friends and anyone in the world! This can also lead to the bad part of social media. Many times, there are bad people on the web that try to do bad things (disgusting things) to people. This is why people need to be careful on the internet. Telling personal info and such is not a good thing to do (obviously). It can also affect people by having them use their phone too much, and sometimes people are way too attached to it...As long as you are smart on the internet (social media), it is a fun experience and worth the time you spend on it. Although there are bad things on the internet, the good things about it make it worth going on. Sadly, I believe that social media (and the internet itself) have more bad influences than good ones. Because of the internet, kids are learning bad things (sexual, drugs, alcohol, etc) quicker and easier. It isn't hard to find pictures or videos of things that shouldn't be for children or teens. Social media also offers opportunities for children to get taken advantage of or used in a bad way. I personally, have never been bullied on social media. And if I was bullied on social media, I wouldn't care. Do you know how to ignore cyber bullying? Shut off your phone. Shut off your computer. Take a deep breathe, and do something else. I know many kids and teens nowadays get bullied on social media but it isn't that hard to ignore it. Cyber bullying usually consists of insulting or name calling. If that happens, block that person. They won't be able to get in contact of you or bully you any longer. Some people may read that and say that I don't understand how it works, but I guess I won't know until it actually happens to me

Social Media

        Social media is used by millions of people everyday but sometimes being on social media can hurt you if someone writes a mean comment it can hurt someones feelings and make them feel bad about themselves. Some people argue that social media is a bad influence and a wast of time, I disagree with this statement because its a way to get in touch with old friends you haven't seen in a while or see whats going on in other peoples lives. Social media is where people can also voice there opinion on certain topics. There is one bad thing about it though and that's cyber bullying, anyone can go on and say something mean and hurt someones feelings and whoever does this is having a bad day so they have to make someone day worse than there's. I personally have never been cyber bullied but I know people who have and it hurts them mentally and lowers there confidence.

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social media

social media can affect people if so many ways like you can bully people on social media sometimes bulliying can get to far and the person getting bullied sometime takes there own media can be both negative and positive. I think there is more negative things on social media because there is cyber bulling and predator. A positive thing could be you could talk to old friend that you lost touch with. I have never been bullied on social media

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Social media can affect a person's life dramatically, many people are gulped by these apps, some constantly go on these social medias whenever they have the chance. Some children or adults post inappropriate, racist, offensive things on these networks.
       On these social medias there are more negative than positive things on these networks, many people post inappropriate, racist, offensive things.
       Social media could affect someone's life negatively, for example, someone posts a picture of themselves on Instagram. She wants someone's else's opinion on her, people start bombarding her with hateful comments, insults, and slurs.
       Social media could affect someone's life positively, the same exact scenario from before, but instead of hateful comments, insults, and insults, they are kind comments.
       No I haven't been bullied on social media, I really don't tend to use social media that often.

How does does social media affect people

     Social media affects badly on peoples lives a ton. First it is a place for cyber bulling to start. Someone you do not even know can repetitively be mean to you about your post. Next when people go on they might be stuck with something that can really hurt them like if they see that there friend is getting bullied or if the friend is bulling them.
    Also people can get way to attacked to it and spend too much time on it instead of being outside or playing sports like soccer and football. Finally social media is a huge place for online predators to strike. People can claim they are 13 but they are really 24. With this they can make them self seem believe able and find ways to lure you  in and take advantage of you. That is why Social media can affect people badly and sometimes be harmful.

Social Media

     Social media in my opinion is a positive thing, now before you label me as a crazy person (though you still can...) just think about all the good it's done... There have been more than one cases of people saying "goodbye world" on such things as Facebook, and then people from across the world are trying to help them.
Image result for cyber bullying     Social media affects people in a positive way at least in my eyes, back to what I said before about the suicidal people thing... On the other hand of that there are people that say to go through with it, and sure I'm defiantly entitled to my opinions (you'd probably know that if you read most of my things...) but if your opinion is that they should kill themselves then you should stay quiet. But most of the time 'kys's that show up have no reason to be pointed at that person anyways...
     A negative way, as I literally just said, is that no matter how positive you are, no matter how nice you are to everybody, there is always going to be one person telling you to kill yourself. Now I'm going to give some tough love, if somebody that you don't even know tells you to kill yourself, screw them, you don't need to listen to them,gain some common sense people...
     Now it's time for a full loop around to the positives, now I already talked twice about the positives so I'm just going to end this one here...
     Now for the segment that you've all been waiting for... Have I ever been bullied? The answer is: I don't know... Now if anybody made fun of me I usually do one of two things: 1. I don't care, and think that everybody has their own opinions (such as on anime...) or 2. I look non-Chantilly threaten to kill them... It's usually the first one though, case and point, the only exception is Tyler...

social media

Social media can affect peoples lives in many ways. first off it can effect people in a negative way by sharing a picture and being criticized or bullied on how you looked. also it c affect you positively by people liking it or leaving positive comments. In my opinion social media is a mix of good and bad influences. there are those people trying to teach you lessons with their wealth and telling them to how to achieve their goals. Then there the people who are bad influences who are posting or commenting things that are bad or illegal. it can affect people in a good way by when you are feeling sad people can motivate you and make you feel good. Social media can affect you in a negative way by bully's and people who are just in a bad mood. Lastly I have not been bullied on social media and am not planing on to in the future. In conclusion social media can affect peoples lives in many ways.
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Social Media : How it Effects Lives

Social Media can effect people's lives in so may different ways. Some of those ways are being attached to the point where you can't leave your computer or phone, and another way would be when you are getting cyber bullied and there's nothing you can do. Social media is full of both negative and positive, it really depends on what kind of person you are. Like I said before, people have gotten attached to social media, because it's the kind of person. A benefit of social media would be to see what your friends are doing on vacation, or to see funny posts. Personally I have been bullied on social media. There was a time period from about middle of sixth grade to the middle of seventh grade, when I was getting bullied. People all over social media were telling me that I'm fat and / or ugly. People were also telling me that I don't deserve to be on this earth, i would get comments saying "the world isn't big enough for you!", things like that got to me. I never found out who was saying and doing all of these hateful things, it was anonymous. If it wasn't for my friends, I don't know how i would be feeling today.

Social Media-Madison Strauss

Social media can be a wonderful thing, it gives you the power to share whatever you want and see whatever you want. it allows you to connect with friends and show off item and even pictures of yourself. Although often social media can lower peoples confidence. Social Media has pictures of people that are great looking and beautiful and they feel worthless. Not to mention cyber bullying which is a whole different story.  Social media can also have a bad influence on people when it comes to seeing things, often sex, drugs, violence and more are on social media and is easy to find. Many kids will continue to search up things they shouldn't this good change there views on sex, drugs ETC. Some people become consumed by social media, where everything they do has to be posted. In my opinion social media has more negative influences. Don't get me wrong social media can be a very good thing if used the right way but things like drugs and sex can be seen so easily. There are also online predators who get kids to share personal information.  Social media can affect someones life by cyber bullying. cyber bullying can lead to depression, anger or even suicidal thoughts. Social Media can also have a positive affect as well. lots of people use social media so it is easy to spread something and have a lot of people see it. Many people on social media post about things like Gay rights are human rights or black lives matter which can create a whole opinion to change how things are. Some social media user's even have pages where they try and tackle a challenge in their life like losing weight, depression, body positivity, sports or life in general and that helps them and others try and do better. Me personally I haven't been bullied, like someone has not followed my account and used it to constantly tear me down although I've been I guess made fun of when I post like my opinion. On like Instagram if you say a opinion there are always certain people who have to say something and in a negative way, but no never really bullied.

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The effects of social media

Social media affects people lives in different ways. For example i do not really use social media so it does not have an effect on me but some people are obsessed with social media and need it in their lives. Social media is more negative towards people because nobody is afraid to speak the truth because they think there are no consequences. Social media can kill people. A lot of people have committed suicide because of people on social media bullying and threatening. Some people get a positive life because of social media. Youtubers get paid for positing things on social media and they can have a normal life style like everyone else just by positing videos about what they want. I personally have never been bullied on social media because i don't really use social media, but if someone said something about me that was mean, i wouldn't really care because people saying mean things don't really effect me because i know they are just trying to be mean.

Social Media

Don't lie about your age on social media because karma is going to get bad at you. You shouldn't even put your age on their. None of your personal information should be on there because then people could track you and like kidnap you. If your old enough to be on the site that's fine,but if you are younger than the age limit you shouldn't be on it. Social media also has cyber bullying which isn't fun for anyone. I have witnessed a lot on social media about bullying to other people and to my self. Eminem was bullied when he was younger and turned that rage into music and here is one of his songs down below.

Social media

Social media consumes our lives and is all we focus on. Everyone wants to have the most friends, get the most likes and they are obsessed with it. This makes it a negative influence as people don't go outside and waste their time on a meaningless website. It is a spot where they can be bullied and the bully wouldn't have to show their face. However, it is a way where people can talk to others without being nervous or being in person. It connects our society yet there are always people that try and ruin it with bullying. I for one have not been bullied on social media before but have heard stories about it. Image result for social mediaImage result for social mediaImage result for cyber bullying

          Social Media affects people's lives in many different ways. Social Media can range anywhere from positive to negative, from positivity posts to cyber-bullying. I believe Social Media affects people based on how that person looks at things. For example if all someone noticed is the good and not the bad it might not really affect them at all. Yet, on the other hand they could notice all the bad negative things and let it get to them.
          Social Media consists of more of a negative influence rather than a positive influence. I believe this because if you go on Social Media you will see posts or comments making fun of someone or something. Of course there is still plenty of positive posts and comments the negative ones still manage to overpower social media. I you were to compare the negatives and the positives you would see that they are just opposites. All the negatives are just people making fun on someone or something, body shaming, drama and gossip, whereas all the positive posts are people posting about their day, posting pictures of themselves, and body positivity. Social media can affect someone's life for the worse or the better depending on how they look at it. 
Image result for stop bullying posters          People all around the world are trying to help and make people feel great while there are other people who just want to bring people down. Cyber-bullying is one of the most common types of bullying we see today. Whether we have been cyber-bullied, done the bullying, or witnessed it, we have all been introduced to it in some sort of way. I don't beleve I have ever been cyber-bullied but many people around the world have. We need to come together and figure out how to stop all this madness. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Social Media

   Social media is know for increasing anxiety and lowering self esteem. Teens are great at keeping themselves busy after school until late at night. When they’re not doing their homework they are online on Instagram, snap chat, or other social media apps. I think that social media has more negative affects; like getting bad grades in school.  Kids who watch too much television have lower scores on tests. Also, some kids are not good readers because they spend more time in front of the television. Another negative affect is you don't have privacy in what you do or post online. Even if you have a private account people can still find a why to hack into your account. And the worst negative affect is cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature. A positive affect on social media is connection. Meaning like talking to family in a different state or even across the world. Social media also helps by talking you what is going on in the world like news. I have never been bullied online and I have never witnessed it but I know I happens. 
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