Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Social media can affect a person's life dramatically, many people are gulped by these apps, some constantly go on these social medias whenever they have the chance. Some children or adults post inappropriate, racist, offensive things on these networks.
       On these social medias there are more negative than positive things on these networks, many people post inappropriate, racist, offensive things.
       Social media could affect someone's life negatively, for example, someone posts a picture of themselves on Instagram. She wants someone's else's opinion on her, people start bombarding her with hateful comments, insults, and slurs.
       Social media could affect someone's life positively, the same exact scenario from before, but instead of hateful comments, insults, and insults, they are kind comments.
       No I haven't been bullied on social media, I really don't tend to use social media that often.

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