Wednesday, February 8, 2017

          Social Media affects people's lives in many different ways. Social Media can range anywhere from positive to negative, from positivity posts to cyber-bullying. I believe Social Media affects people based on how that person looks at things. For example if all someone noticed is the good and not the bad it might not really affect them at all. Yet, on the other hand they could notice all the bad negative things and let it get to them.
          Social Media consists of more of a negative influence rather than a positive influence. I believe this because if you go on Social Media you will see posts or comments making fun of someone or something. Of course there is still plenty of positive posts and comments the negative ones still manage to overpower social media. I you were to compare the negatives and the positives you would see that they are just opposites. All the negatives are just people making fun on someone or something, body shaming, drama and gossip, whereas all the positive posts are people posting about their day, posting pictures of themselves, and body positivity. Social media can affect someone's life for the worse or the better depending on how they look at it. 
Image result for stop bullying posters          People all around the world are trying to help and make people feel great while there are other people who just want to bring people down. Cyber-bullying is one of the most common types of bullying we see today. Whether we have been cyber-bullied, done the bullying, or witnessed it, we have all been introduced to it in some sort of way. I don't beleve I have ever been cyber-bullied but many people around the world have. We need to come together and figure out how to stop all this madness. 

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