Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The effects of social media

Social media affects people lives in different ways. For example i do not really use social media so it does not have an effect on me but some people are obsessed with social media and need it in their lives. Social media is more negative towards people because nobody is afraid to speak the truth because they think there are no consequences. Social media can kill people. A lot of people have committed suicide because of people on social media bullying and threatening. Some people get a positive life because of social media. Youtubers get paid for positing things on social media and they can have a normal life style like everyone else just by positing videos about what they want. I personally have never been bullied on social media because i don't really use social media, but if someone said something about me that was mean, i wouldn't really care because people saying mean things don't really effect me because i know they are just trying to be mean.

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