Wednesday, February 8, 2017

social media

Social media can affect peoples lives in many ways. first off it can effect people in a negative way by sharing a picture and being criticized or bullied on how you looked. also it c affect you positively by people liking it or leaving positive comments. In my opinion social media is a mix of good and bad influences. there are those people trying to teach you lessons with their wealth and telling them to how to achieve their goals. Then there the people who are bad influences who are posting or commenting things that are bad or illegal. it can affect people in a good way by when you are feeling sad people can motivate you and make you feel good. Social media can affect you in a negative way by bully's and people who are just in a bad mood. Lastly I have not been bullied on social media and am not planing on to in the future. In conclusion social media can affect peoples lives in many ways.
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