Wednesday, February 8, 2017

How does social media affect people's lives

     Social media has a major affect on people's lives all around the world. Wherever you go, there is somebody on their phone, most likely on Twitter, Instagram, Vine, etc. These are some of the main social medias that people use. Social media can affect people's lives in a positive and negative influence. In a positive way, you can raise awareness about diseases and bad things that are happening in the world to leave a positive influence and/or help somebody out (creating go fund-mes, etc). It is also good because many people are able to talk to people that they look up to or admire (because they aren't able to see them in person). Social media can just be a fun thing to have because you are able to communicate with friends and anyone in the world! This can also lead to the bad part of social media. Many times, there are bad people on the web that try to do bad things (disgusting things) to people. This is why people need to be careful on the internet. Telling personal info and such is not a good thing to do (obviously). It can also affect people by having them use their phone too much, and sometimes people are way too attached to it...As long as you are smart on the internet (social media), it is a fun experience and worth the time you spend on it. Although there are bad things on the internet, the good things about it make it worth going on. Sadly, I believe that social media (and the internet itself) have more bad influences than good ones. Because of the internet, kids are learning bad things (sexual, drugs, alcohol, etc) quicker and easier. It isn't hard to find pictures or videos of things that shouldn't be for children or teens. Social media also offers opportunities for children to get taken advantage of or used in a bad way. I personally, have never been bullied on social media. And if I was bullied on social media, I wouldn't care. Do you know how to ignore cyber bullying? Shut off your phone. Shut off your computer. Take a deep breathe, and do something else. I know many kids and teens nowadays get bullied on social media but it isn't that hard to ignore it. Cyber bullying usually consists of insulting or name calling. If that happens, block that person. They won't be able to get in contact of you or bully you any longer. Some people may read that and say that I don't understand how it works, but I guess I won't know until it actually happens to me

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