Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Social Media-Madison Strauss

Social media can be a wonderful thing, it gives you the power to share whatever you want and see whatever you want. it allows you to connect with friends and show off item and even pictures of yourself. Although often social media can lower peoples confidence. Social Media has pictures of people that are great looking and beautiful and they feel worthless. Not to mention cyber bullying which is a whole different story.  Social media can also have a bad influence on people when it comes to seeing things, often sex, drugs, violence and more are on social media and is easy to find. Many kids will continue to search up things they shouldn't this good change there views on sex, drugs ETC. Some people become consumed by social media, where everything they do has to be posted. In my opinion social media has more negative influences. Don't get me wrong social media can be a very good thing if used the right way but things like drugs and sex can be seen so easily. There are also online predators who get kids to share personal information.  Social media can affect someones life by cyber bullying. cyber bullying can lead to depression, anger or even suicidal thoughts. Social Media can also have a positive affect as well. lots of people use social media so it is easy to spread something and have a lot of people see it. Many people on social media post about things like Gay rights are human rights or black lives matter which can create a whole opinion to change how things are. Some social media user's even have pages where they try and tackle a challenge in their life like losing weight, depression, body positivity, sports or life in general and that helps them and others try and do better. Me personally I haven't been bullied, like someone has not followed my account and used it to constantly tear me down although I've been I guess made fun of when I post like my opinion. On like Instagram if you say a opinion there are always certain people who have to say something and in a negative way, but no never really bullied.

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