Wednesday, October 14, 2015

my inspiration is Gabi Butler. She is an all star cheerleader for a cheer team in Florida. She cheers for Gym Tyme Blink. If you are not into cheering or know about the cheer world then you probably do not know who Gabi is. she is famous in the cheer world she is especially known for her super flexibility. When she was about 8 years old she was determined to make herself double jointed, her mom said that she did in a week. When Gabi puts her mind to something she makes sure that she gets it done. She is a three time world champion which means she has won a huge competition against 1,000 teams and her team came out on top three times in a row. At that time she was cheering for California All Stars Smoed. She orignally lived in Florida so that is why she now cheers for a Florida team. Gabi Butler is an inspiration to so many young cheerleaders out in the world especially me!!!gabi.jpginspiration.jpg


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